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These women need to marry a military man!

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How disgusting that such views exist today!

Religious conservative women should marry politically moderate military men who believe that one day humanity will eradicate slavery as well as unite under freedom and democracy!

And spread freedom and democracy from star to shining star with a badass space military!
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What in the hot buttered fuck are you talking about?
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What in the hot buttered fuck are you talking about?
I think everyone should take a knee and should shut the fuck up. You suck mine I suck yours. Yay everyone wins giant world orgy on a knee. Cum is all the same color. Did I offend either side, too bad you all are offending me with your constant dribble on either end.
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I knee to the groin:laughing:
that'll bring them mutha fucka's to their knees real quick
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I know this is a Troll Post and not to be taken seriously, but that aside.

From my experiences in the military:

A) Not knowing whats happening one day to the next (potentially), maybe the guy is at a decent unit and they plan the whole year AND let the Soldiers know whats happening (some units like to keep soldiers on their toes one day to the next).

B) Long times away during deployment.

C) The build up, exercises and training to deployment (lets add another 6 months).

D) Getting used to life whilst soldier is deployed, then he returns home and having to find a balance again.

E) Accepting family does not come first in the Army.

F) Just because your husband is a RSM, does not mean you are.

G) Not being able to choose where posted to, you may be in Germany for 3 years, then Cyprus or you may spend your life in the Bulford Triangle.

OK they are some of the con's I can think of. Now for the Pro's

A) Army wives support each other. An instant community where everyone is in the same boat.

B) Army accomodation, aka PAD quarters is avaliable if married.

C) Army pays for relocation when moving (or at least a chunk of it).

D) Plenty of social events.

E) Soldiers have plenty off time off after deployment.

F) Army pension if you stick it out, can set you up for life if he retires at a high enough rank,

Mixed boat. Again I know this is a troll thread so not sure why Im taking it seriously. But all in all I dont believe the life of an Army wife or Army Hisband is for everyone. There are certain things taken for granted by civillians that are noticed as missing when in the Army.
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... and high risk of PTSD.
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