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I experienced an amazing moment of gratitude last night. Trying to keep that going... I'm someone who has issues with finding it difficult to just be happy with what I have, always feeling like the grass is greener on the other side, and I think the people around me get annoyed at me for this.

The thing that inspired this emotion (yes, I do believe it was an emotion) was actually kinda ridiculous, yet sweet. I was on Spotify, as I often am, listening to one of those Daily Mix playlists that Spotify automatically generates for me (and all other users) based on my taste, what I've been listening to and things I haven't listened to yet but might like. It just suddenly HIT me (gently), that... people out there have created this amazing platform, this amazing program, for people to utilise for the simple, yet emotionally very complex activity of music listening. And it also hit me that people came up with this beautiful feature to actually have the program recommend songs to me based on my listening patterns, and put together all these wonderfully eclectic playlists (my taste is eclectic after all :wink:), especially for me. It may be automatic, as in, there probably is no person sitting there analysing my profile and my listening habits and attempting to come up with the perfect playlists for me. However, it still means a lot to me that this even exists in my life. I may not use the Daily Mixes THAT much (I usually just choose a specific album to listen to from start to finish) but it made me feel grateful. Grateful that, really, I have a lot in my life, I have a lot going for me, and I'm just... grateful.

Other things I'm grateful for, and will try to continue to be grateful for, include:

a variety of food
okay health
the few friends I have
an ability to take nice photos
my phone (despite me wanting to be rid of it at times haha)
laptop (see above)
my hair
my limbs
family members
television programs / movies / documentaries on Youtube about psychology

Tell me, what are you grateful for at this moment? :)
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