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(WARNING: Some of these may not be possible, like, ever, but it helps to dream.)

Learn Piano
Learn Drums
Learn Guitar
Learn Sax
Rap Rap God perfectly
Finally admit my love to a certain INFJ
See my grandmother one last time
Buy a certain RC car I've wanted since I was a toddler
Meet Morgan Freeman
Meet Bill Nye
Meet my maker
Prove that The Illuminati is real
Prove aliens are real
Witness Supernovae
Enter a black hole and come out unscathed
Look at the entire planet from space
Meet the queen
Introduce anarchy in the UK
Introduce anarchy in the US
Eat an entire jalepeño
Shake hands with the current President and tell him he's doing a fine job
Spend an entire day in the country with ALL my friends
Stare up at the passing clouds with said INFJ while she lays on my stomach while we lay on a field
Cry one last time
Scold self for saying I wouldn't cry
End it
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