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What's up everyone. I know I'm a few posts in, but I just registered a few days ago.

In a quest to discover more about who I am and why I react to certain situations in the way I'd do, I stumbled upon the Briggs-Myers/Jungian system for classifyibg personality. I've become somewhat obsessed with personality type in the last year or so.

A little bit about me, I'm an ISTP. I'm 26, a college grad, and trying to find my way in the world in more ways than one. I always felt like I was a little different than everyone else, and its caused me to react and miss out on certain situations in life. As an istp I'm always on a constant quest for new facts and knowledge and that's how I stumbled upon personality type, and ultimately this webpage.

Its downright crazy, how accurate the ISTP mind describes me. For everyone that's familiar with the type, I'm generally an easy-going, un-assuming person. I take many things as they are. I don't really get mad at too many things, even when they are directed towards me. I'm generally knowledgable about a wide range of topics... like to tell people I can talk to anyone about anything...for about 15 minutes.

Even though I'm generally an easy-going spirit...i turn extremely hostile when my personal space, competency, or values are questioned.

I love taking things apart and figuring out the inner-workings of....everything. Be it physical or intangible.

To my friends, I am extremely loyal. I don't betray or let secrets out. I have a wide range of friends; friends who do music, friends who I went to school with, friends, who work on cars, friends who are on wall street, friends who are into politics...but each are in a completely different world that doesn't cross into one another.

I thoguht I was strange, but according to my personality type, there are many who behave in the same manner as me. Hopefully from this board I can learn more about myself, and help others learn about theirself from my experiences.

I look forward to contributing to the board.



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Welcome Quyn :happy:
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