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I typed up this entire thing over the course of 2+ hours, and was about to post and.... Safari crashed. WTF MAN! Anyway.

I took the Keys 2 Cognition test, and these are my results with my own notes:
1. Ne - 42.3 (Bill & Ted style: Most excellent! I started developing this in middle school, about 8 years before I learned about MBTI.)
2. Ti - 40.2 (Makes sense as an INTP with overgrown Ne.)
3. Te - 38.2 (Yup, you heard that right. I can't explain this. Really. I can't.)
4. Fi - 37. 1 (Also labelled with excellent use, just like the top 3 functions. In middle school, when I attempted to make myself likable, instead of labelled ADD and a kid who acts out, I turned inward to try to determine what made other kids dislike me so much. That may be the beginning of my Fi development. I know that I was using it in 10th grade, when I began learning basic psychology and applied it to myself to learn about myself.)

5. Ni - 28 (This makes sense, assuming that Ne is my dominant function.)
6. Fe - 21.8 (Limited use. Instead of Fe, I fake it by using Ne to determine what is generally expected in social situations.)
7. Si - 17 (As an INTP, this SHOULD be my tertiary)
8. Se - 16 (Unused! My long-term memory is very poor. Is this a cause or effect of low S? I'm 79% I, 84% N, 84% T, 84% P. If my Si/Se are my last two functions, shouldn't my N be 90% or more?)

Anyway, I love this personality stuff because I get to learn about myself. That IS Fi, right? Correct me if I'm wrong (or fuzzy) about any of this.

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Never take tests literally.
If you recognize yourself in the results that's fine, it can help you getting more clues about yourself. But ultimately only you can rank your functions.

Also I'm not sure but I think learning about yourself through MBTI is more Ti than Fi-like, as you rely on impersonal systems instead of your own feelings about how you should be. Fi users know themselves pretty well because they know their values. You want to have an objective portrait of yourself.

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There isn't really a correct way to interpret it according to the JFC crowd, Dario Nardi even says this so l'm not sure why it's so popular, honestly :dry:

Something l actually didn't think of before was thinking of your functions with excellent use that aren't preferred as being devalued , like Fi. So it may be completely irrelevant to your type or even counterproductive to your functioning with excellent use.

l didn't know how one should determine which functions were devalued before.
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