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I'm surprised that nobody has tried typing these characters yet. Anyways, here's what I think so far:

Randall: INTJ; he's clearly an NT and an introvert, his drive to succeed suggests Te, and his desire to quit his job and later to want to adopt a child seems Fi-ish.

Jack: ISTJ; his desire to not be like his father seemed Si-influenced. Early on he is shown as a mechanic and a handyman, but he does not do so from his love or affinity for machines or tools; he's executing what he has learned to do so (Si-Te). His response to Miguel getting a divorce seemed Si-Fi. To me he definitely seemed xSTJ; it seems arbitrary, but his Si appears to dominate his Te.

William: INFP (easiest call I ever made)

Kevin: ESFP

Toby: ENFP; he's clearly an Ne-dominant type, and his desire for grand gestures suggests Fi mediating.

Kate: ISFJ?

Rebecca: no clue
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