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Why is everything so unfair on people? There are few with much, and many with little. The rich get richer while more get poor. No matter where we look there is inequality. Its messed up. I am genuinely on the verge of crying because of it all. And trust me crying is not something I do often... Its probably been about 4 years since I last cried.

But still I come close because I see what is happening in the world. Corruption, greed and hate. I wish I could burden all of the pain people go through on my shoulders, but I can't. I just wish and pray for a time when people are united.
No war
No violence
No racism
No hate

Where we share what we have, so that everyone can have what they want instead of just the rich and powerful. Where there are no "Social Classes". Where everyone is equal. This is my hope for the future.

And maybe then peace will be obtained.

I mean we don't live forever, so why don't we make the most of it?

If anyone has the same views as me I beg of you to share this.
Show your Friends and Family, Co-workers and Acquaintances, Everyone and Anyone who will look.
It takes a group to change the world and its views, so please...
I am not telling you to share this.
I am begging, pleading and praying for you to share this because I desire a better world for everyone.

If you do not wish for a future like this then I am sorry for wasting your time and I shall let you go about your business. But quickly before I do I want to let you and everyone else know that I love each and every one of you out there.
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