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There are those who do not appreciate feelings when they do not understand them for feelings can be heard and seen through the tone of voice and the eyes of those around you, if you cannot read people well, you will not see the feelings in their voices, their body language, their eyes. This is where there is a lacking of empathy, and those who lack empathy will loathe what they must try harder to accomplish through possible envy.

The feelings of those who cannot be read must be expressed more by those who can read feelings well, communicated so both sides understand, in order for those who lack empathy to read and understand quicker than figuring it out on their own.

And through these people knowing what you feel, they either choose to support you or hurt you further if they do not believe you actually feel what you say you do, or they do not trust yours or their own feelings while they lack giving emotional support. So both sides must give each other emotional support.

Practice brings progress, though. So even if you fail at it, just keep trying.

Naturally people will go after the things that they are good at or become experts with those things.

Age does not prove skill. It's doing the things you have strengths in that expresses such skill that you may find talent in. To find your strengths you must know what your weaknesses are.

Some people are harder to read than others.

There are people who know what they feel, or know what others feel.

These people understand other people the most.

Do you enjoy figuring out other peoples thought process?

These people find strong passion for genuine music.

None of that disingenuous music where the band doesn't actually know how they may affect the world.

So remember what's not there in a situation in order to see what actually is there.

Through this you find truth if you understand well enough.

There are plenty of people who make fun of how others feel because they don't know how it feels themselves at the time.

Example: People who bully at times will act like others are weak for being sensitive to such events, while I believe people are stronger for letting their vulnerabilities show because that is fighting against survival instinct, that is emotionally standing in front of those who literally think your emotions make you weak. There are ways to express your vulnerabilities and protect your values at the same time.

Really though, it takes strength to bring down your emotions walls.

It is survival instinct to hide your vulnerabilities which include your vulnerable emotions, so to express your tears in the middle of an emotional fight expresses a strong mind or a loss of self control. There are those who make the choice to just let all the emotions they've been building up, out through auditory, vocally and through the eyes.

Through a physical fight you would rather look intimidating, which is only showing the fury and pride within. This expresses things beyond anger, the anger that is expressed in order to keep the tears away.

There are those who are only angry in a situation though, who are not having the urge to cry and they do not hurt nearly as much as the one who cries in a situation.

When you find someone is calling another an idiot, remember to ask "Why are they an idiot in your opinion?" Because the word idiot is very subjective.

I recommend people who are not using something for auditory, vocals or through your eyes, which comes back to text, actually communicate what they feel instead of using caps lock, to get how upset you actually are across to those you may be in a fight with or with those you have conflict with in general.

Those who look down on others that use caps to express their anger or desperation or whichever feeling they may be trying to express in caps, either view the caps as an exaggerated feeling or they do not respect the feelings attempted to be expressed. Find how you truly feel and tell those you trust.

Emotions are to be appreciated as long as stability and happiness is found.

This all brings me back to one quote.

"Rudeness is the weak person's imitation of strength."

- Eric Hoffer
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