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Zuru and Buzzbee are just amazing. :giggle:

It is kinda cool to see how they've realized their potential after all these years. :)

Wow. I didn't know the Crusher can accept 1000 round belts that they've been sending people. :oops:

Ironically in the Paladin series in my little Dart Warzone brand... It has a linking belt system (links) for potentially any amount of dart capacity.

However, without manual assistance, the larger the belt is, the harder it is to feed. o_O

In the meantime I thought of some more Dart Warzone stuff. 🤔

You know the Hana series right?

Well, there is now a Hana 2.0 series. 🤪

Everything you love in the Hana series is back and better than ever. Including a new dart and better performance! :LOL:

I'm not taking a jab at Hasbro. Okay, maybe a slight jab but... :oops:

And on another subject...

I didn't realize there was in fact a real life PRISM project until someone brought it up. o_O

Something about Google world domination and NSA stuff...

Ironically I even capitalized the entire thing...

I initially had trouble naming the Kaede series and I was trying to think of something cool and... I like crystals and rocks right? BAM. Prism project and eventually leading to the prisma evo project.

The Kaede PRISM project is in no way related to the real life PRISM project if you're wondering. :oops:

I was debating on renaming the series... but I didn't choose what it symbolized in the real world.. Man, people who are obsessed with world domination and subjugation really ruin the world.. What is the point when you're all gonna die anyway? And if Hell and such existed why did you damn and condemn yourself all for petty and useless ambitions? Unless you are truly a monster or a demon in the form of man. :cautious:

All I wanted was to have a cool name for my little toy blasters...

I don't think I revealed the last line of the Kaede series of foam blasters but the last project is the doomsday project. There is also a new line of blasters as well in the form of Velocity Dynamics.

You know, most of my ideas kinda have an uncanny aspect to them. They kinda draw things from real life. :oops:

Kinda like the Metal Gear Solid series as an example, but that series really draws from real world stuff in comparison.

My foam blasters kinda take form of real world stuff or their designs were inspired or loosely based on real world designs.

Everyone should know what the Hana Oracle kinda resembles. :LOL:

But personally I think the Hana Oracle is cooler... It hasn't killed anybody or doesn't intend to hurt anyone and looks so darn stylish. 🤪

Deathsinger also has some real world connections too... I can't say what is what though. Some aspects of it are really just pure fantasy while others have drawn connections..

Yes, even though they borrow some aspect of the real world you can still tell it is a fantasy.

The world in Deathsinger is living in a way unlike the Souls series where everything is just dead... I mean, they didn't even invent guns at all... At least Dark Souls 2 had twin blades and some of the armor is fitted for the era (fur and capes).

In each Deathsinger the eras are changing in a way. You got magic and mechanical rod firearms in the first game, and in the second game they advanced into energy swords (just a grip but activating it conjures a blade) and rifles (they charge and then fire), but regressed due to decline where Gatling rod guns (pretty much spin up firearms) and rocket launchers (resembling ancient Chinese launchers and cannons) have ceased development.

Also the way of battle has changed and is emphasized by hammers, axes, and spears. Curved swords are also more abundant than straight edged swords. Magic also has evolved in both its mediums and use (emphasis on super spells).

I believe in Deathsinger 3 the emphasis is now solely on spears and lances. I don't think there are any advancements in this installment since it is pretty much the end times. Of course Deathsinger 4 is set in the far future...

Also I like cool as well. 🤪

There is actual samurai armor in Deathsinger unlike in Dark Souls. Even full plate armor while also having original designs.

There are even quick draw katanas and magic guns. Did I mention a repeating crossbow? 🙃

In addition to traditional martial arts techniques there are some arts that are more so for the world of Deathsinger like launching energy out of swords, or more fantasy techniques like flash draws and 'returning' weapons (example being the Paladin Hammer which is an auto hammer [thrown and returned]).

You know, God Eater 2 RB has something really close to Beam Stance in Deathsinger I just realized. :oops:

Yes, I remember using a long blade and going into Zero Stance and then shooting oracle blades out of the sword. It was in one of my God Eater 2 RB gameplay videos. I think it was the second brawl with my other character. :LOL:

That is the closest thing to Beam Stance in Deathsinger. However, it works a little different in Deathsinger like you can't just keep shooting energy out of your sword since it draws on Affinity for example (magic also uses Affinity too).

Yes, Dark Souls just isn't cool enough. I mean, even Bloodborne was cooler.

Every other game is cool while being grounded.

Anime souls is cool, Nioh is cool, and if Deathsinger existed it would be cool too.

And personally I like to have some story in front of me... Some more in depth gameplay too.. Oh, and some style too. I never did feel powerful in Souls even if they gave me seemingly powerful and legendary gear. In Nioh and Code Vein I felt powerful while standing toe to toe with powerful foes.

Might as well just use a longsword which does the same thing. Sometimes a legendary weapon is weaker than a longsword or a claymore. :cautious:

Sure, a legendary weapon is just made of metal and there is nothing special about it, but I like to lean into making the game fun while also real in a way?

Deathsinger you can get powerful and feel powerful since you're in fact a Deathsinger. You can launch magical projections of your weapon, cast devastating spells, use powerful techniques and abilities, legendary weapons are at your usage, and you can enter a heightened state full of death and destruction, but keep in mind your foes can do the same as well. All while grounded in its universe and reality, and also our own. 🤪

Its like flying and throwing soul bombs is a commonality in Dragon Ball, but you got regular folks too...

Okay, I'm going to slow down the thought train for now before it goes nuclear. :oops:

heh heh heh :giggle:

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For some reason I like potatoes. They are interesting things. :LOL:

You can make potato salad, potato fries, baked potatoes, potato patties, and lots of easy potato related dishes. :)

Oof. Hash browns, potato noodles, pierogis, gnocchi, and much more. o_O

Potatoes. 😍

Potatoes can be anything you imagine them to be. 🤩

Simple and yummy. Potatoes.

I should make a potato dish in addition to my soft scrambled eggs for the dragon queen actually. :LOL:

heh heh heh :giggle:

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Just thinking of Deathsinger stuff. This time it is about violence, dismemberment, gore, and blood in the game. 🙃

Even though I make parts of the combat cool, it is still suppose to be realistic to our world and in other parts the Deathsinger universe.

As a Singer in life they find no glory in violence, but as a Deathsinger you pretty much have no choice. Everything whether living or in death wish Deathsingers death. The Deathsinger is hated as cursed beings.

Unfortunately there is no way you can perform nonlethal actions and besides nonlethal actions would not work in Deathsinger (technically you can spare wounded enemies but they'll just die anyway from bleeding out or something so it is better to finish them off) so the only choice is death. o_O

I mean, you can evade encounters (run past them or using hidden abilities) but for major encounters you must kill them.

Violence in this game isn't suppose to be glorified but to serve some kind of purpose. It is suppose to be disturbing and haunting in a way.

Dismembering limbs is done in a realistic matter and there are no fountains, showers, or geysers of blood.

There is suppose to be a 'feel' to battle. A symbol of a Deathsinger's power. It is a dark and forbidden power sealed away by the Pale Moon.

As rage and tension builds up the fighting gets desperate and intense this 'dark fire' envelopes the Deathsinger.

In a rush of blind steel and blood only destroyed remains of foes lay scattered and heaped.

The adrenaline and fury dies and so does the dark flame as it subsides. Only after is when you can say what have I done? :cry:

The carnage aftermath is brutal and is a symbol of death, but the Deathsinger can only go on to spread more death. Even though the scene is gruesome, it is also art in a disturbing sense. Beauty in death. There is no more pain, no more suffering, and no more sadness. No tears and regrets in this peace of oblivion.

There is both the feelings of rush, sadness, pain, and misery. Like said before there was no choice and perhaps this choice is not wrong but a necessity. It is also not your fault since you did not choose to become a Deathsinger.

Once the dead have departed they either curse or bless the Deathsinger who has freed them with the power of death (slain foes speak in reverse as you drain their dream pieces so you will not know what the dead are saying until it is discovered) (sometimes you can encounter memories of the dead as well).

And I did not even get started when a Deathsinger invokes the Deathsong... Everyone reacts to it by responding with even more death turned up to overdrive. The song can also be used when a Deathsinger dies to resist death. Using the last remains of their undying rage they spring back to life to cause more death just before they die or when cornered. It is instinct in a way. A cornered animal will fight to live. That is of course if you can actually kill the Deathsinger who have become bewitched by the Deathsong..

In the height of the Deathsong is when you feel the most alive while causing as much death as possible ironically. :oops:

As said before, you did not choose to become a Deathsinger. The woman inside of you is the actual Deathsinger. She is ironically keeping you alive since technically you're already dead and have die long ago. This bond of life and death also keeps her alive so that she can escape death.

Not knowing of her purpose until the journey gets closer and closer to the pale moon she is innocent of her true fate like a child. As she grows and knows little by little of her purpose is when she finally loses it. Confronted at the Pale Moon she is slain once she has outlived her purpose. There is nothing else left to kill except you. Yes, from a child, to an adult, then old age, and finally death.

In Deathsinger 2 violence is used more in self-defense since it is based on resolve and aura. The Soulsong is also about preserving of the self which is why it is called the Soulsong.

Deathsinger 3 has the violence being done quickly (and precise) to alleviate suffering and not to prolong it since it is based on speed and flow.

Deathsinger 4 is about commitment to fight and that it is all planned and controlled. Careful use of violence since violence can become out of control. Only when things become out of control then overdrive must be used.

Violence is not suppose to be gratifying in Deathsinger. It is one of the themes of Deathsinger and is a tool in survival since there is no choice and it is the only choice.

This is just one of the many themes of Deathsinger and each Deathsinger has its own set of themes. It is not just about death or violence, but it would take me another eternity to explain another theme. o_O

Example being that Deathsinger 1 also involves corruption, journey with a companion, and ruin and decay. Deathsinger 2 has themes about pilgrimage and life's fire. Deathsinger 3 is about loss of hope but also about living the best that you can. Of course there are much more themes that I can't get through all of them in a reasonable amount of time. :oops:

Besides I think Dark Souls 1 and Dark Souls 2 had the better stories/lore compared to Dark Souls 3. Dark Souls 1 was more coherent while Dark Souls 2 was more original. However, they don't have a story in front of you unlike Deathsinger. Deathsinger has a story and also much more if you delve deeper. I personally prefer to have some sort of story in front. Sure the lore is fantastic in Dark Souls 1 and 2, but... I dunno. I just don't feel anything. It is missing something like a connection of sorts unlike Code Vein and Nioh. Oh, Demon's Souls also was better story/lore wise compared to Dark Souls 3. I think Dark Souls 3 is a little weaker in that department than the other Souls games. I dunno there is something off about Dark Souls 3. :cautious:

Besides Deathsinger is a more grown up Dark Souls. It has dismemberment for one and takes itself seriously. Presently a strong mix of gameplay, story, music, and graphical fidelity. The gameplay has evolved then just mashing R1 (I can see this in some Hellpoint gameplay videos. Ironically it is actually really close to Dark Souls gameplay but in space). The story is not just hiding in the background, but there is also a story presented to you with options to delve deeper into it that both relates to the main story and also the world itself. The characters are more fleshed out and one in particular grows with you until the events of the Pale Moon. Based on some responses she can see if you dislike or like her. She also gives some background information of the world when she was still a Singer in life, and comments or dialogue around the story. Deathsinger also focuses on themes which I explained one. Sometimes I can be a little overboard with some of them.. o_O

Also Deathsinger looks beautiful and fantastic. Characters can be as pretty as you want, normal looking, or you can make them not as desirable if you don't want.. I also find that Dark Souls only has a few outstanding tracks and then the rest I dunno. Deathsinger's focus on music is emotion and feeling. The Auroran Outskirts Battle Theme if you can hear it (unfortunately you cannot hear something in my head) is really sad as blades and metal crash and blood spills on the plains).

hah hah I keep railing on Souls. I can't help it sometimes. :LOL:

Honestly I personally don't agree with design philosophies in Souls games. I think they're slightly overrated since people just want to cling onto something to feel better about themselves.. I mean, if you see better stuff on the horizon you'll probably feel threatened in some way and double down. Different boats for different folks. :cautious:

I just don't like elitist communities. Not to mention Dark Souls is anything but fair. At least in Deathsinger the singing stones or checkpoints are right next to the boss or you can discover a set of singing stones if you explore around as a reward in a way. Also I hate losing half or more of my health in one hit or even getting outright killed. Plus the game is easy just tedious and well, R1. Similar to Monster Hunter where I find no enjoyment in hunting anymore compared to God Eater. The monsters just have mobility power creep and chunk me for most of my health and other problematic stuff. Did I mention the gems are really really RNG? Abandoned God Arcs are more fair in comparison. Monster Hunter also has an elitist community... Just because a speed runner can do it with no armor doesn't mean anyone can.

Sometimes it is really just bull$%#. There is nothing fair or fun about bull$%#. :cautious:

My design is to not lock people out if they put in some effort. I want people experience the game. :)

I also have some anti-frustrations and assistance for the player in game (examples being singing stones next to bosses, 'will' acts like a one shot shield and also like a rechargeable shield [mages/magic users usually build into this since I believe it is tied to ENE or WIS stats], pausing the game, and asking for a blessing from the Visage of Humanity or even summoning her memories). I also like to empower the player (of course not to the point of domination, but to give them the strength to face foes and to feel awesome. Like what is the point of heavy armor if you die in 1 or 2 hits? What is the point of using a legendary weapon when a knife is better?).

There is something for everyone. Want to make it harder? You can. Easier or you need some help? Well, here you go. 🙃

If you like Souls games then you like Souls games, but for me I'm looking for something more deeper and complex than just Souls. Deathsinger does just that for me. Okay, Nioh (gameplay), and Code Vein (story and characters. Also gameplay) are real life examples. Not to mention I also don't play just third person action RPG stuff. I like to have a variety of games I play like I dunno farming, golfing, and turned based RPGs. 🙃

Um. I think I over-analyzed a simple theme in Deathsinger. o_O

But at the same time I like how everything falls together. 🤪

One last jab at Dark Souls... It just doesn't sound cool. :oops:

Now Deathsinger sounds cool. Just saying it sounds cool. 🤪

Bloodborne sounds cool, Blasphemous sounds cool, God Eater sounds cool, and even Force of Will sounds cool.

Hell even Elden Ring sounds cool.

I just like to have some style and beauty in my ideas that is all.

That is all for story time for today. :)

I wish Deathsinger was real. :cry:

heh heh heh :giggle:

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Imagine being some of the earliest explorers. I mean, looking out into the vast desert and thinking, what's out there? And deciding to keep going until you find somebody or something else.
The same with the ocean. Those who first went out of sight of land and kept going, wanting to see what the journey holds for them

Knowing the dangers, these people's curiosity was strong enough for them to go anyway. Awsome!

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In this thought I'll be discussing the gameplay of combat. 🙃

I'll be comparing and contrasting some examples. We'll be looking at how it makes gameplay not repetitive (like R1 in some games is the the most used fighting style) and if the tools provided are actually useful. 🤔

In Code Vein you have: regular attack (square. Weapons have a range of a 2-4 hit combo. Helps with reducing repetition since it repeats beyond 2 cycles. Think of the other attacks beyond the two as regular attack plus/enhanced), strong attack (triangle. Unfortunately most weapons only have 1 string, but there is no delay if using a strong attack after or before a regular attack), launch attack (one version [triangle+R1], but allows you to mix things up whether you have focus or not. With focus it acts like a stun proc and against non-bosses allows you to launch them which is very useful), alternate/tech attack (one version [square+R1], but allows you to mix stuff up. Normally varies greatly from base moveset), charge attack (triangle hold. Slow, but allows you to mix stuff up. Normally hits multiple times or varies greatly from base moveset), drain attack (X hold. Very slow, but very cool. Normally done on stuns for ichor. Different veils have different attacks), drain combo (X+R1 after an attack. Same length of roughly 2 regular attacks. Also allows you to mix it up while providing ichor. Very cool), and I'm not going to mention running, backstep, or dodging attacks much since all these action RPGs have them but in Code Vein the dodging attack comes in 2 variations depending on stick position allowing you to do two different attacks. The parry in Code Vein also has visible tells, which makes it viable in battle unlike a certain game I know even though it is risky but the white flash helps.

The gameplay loop also has ichor which is similar to oracle in God Eater. Allows you to perform gifts which greatly transform gameplay.

Bosses also have a stage 2 form. Bosses can be knocked down similar to God Eater actually when they reach a threshold.

Mostly a 'square' game but weapons having more than two square attacks and the other gameplay options really help make it less repetitive. The ichor system also freshens up standard combat as well.

Simple gameplay but expanded upon.

Nioh... Um. I won't go into that and I'd just say that the combat is really really robust with combos and ki. :oops:

heh heh

Deathsinger (we'll discuss just the first one) has a combo system (allows fluid string [or cancellation] of regular, enhanced regular [starting string only. Hold R1 otherwise it will lead to a counter action], strong, charged, special actions, stances, sidesteps attacks, running attacks, executions [when targeting is red and target is low health hold R1 to execute target to steal their life], lunges, techniques, guard crushing, and etc..). Rage/Adrenaline/Tension makes combat slowly ramp up and here is when 'R1' can be done without punishment but combos are much more better. Counter action is a stance based parry/deflection system used for multiple opponents (not really effective for single opponents since the chance of you countering instead of deflecting is lower) (after an attack cancel it into counter action by holding square. Can also steal life). Stances (beam, special stance, stance, duel wielding stance, guarding stance, and other stances) pretty much give you a moveset in that stance. Parrying has several variations depending on stick position and also has tells to make it a viable tool. However, it has a tighter window compared to counter action. Stuns also happen when parrying, attacking from behind, or guard crushes allowing for a short window of attacks (if you combo the boss pretty hard they will also suffer a recoil). Perfect Block/Sidesteps allow for immediate recovery or retaliation. The Deathsong (hold all triggers and bumpers) can also be used when rage/adrenaline/tension is full (sparks and electricity form on the meter while also being on fire). Enter a frenzied state (many effects both positive and negative but life is rapidly decreasing despite being increased up to 10 times the amount [returns back to normal after heightened state]. Attack to recover health since healing items cannot be used) which also affects enemies. Can be used in death provided the meter is full and either once until you rest at singing stones or after a long duration has past. After use, rage/adrenaline/tension will be frozen and cannot accumulate for sometime. Weapons also have a combo count varying from 1-6+ to state how many times a weapon can attack or combo.

Affinity is also apart of the gameplay loop and is used for spells, techniques, and special actions. Depending on weapon you either perform combat (melee) or perform an immobile special action such as meditate to recover lost affinity.

I believe that is all I can remember for Deathsinger. I hope I'm not forgetting anything. :oops:

Oh, I guess defeated bosses can be 'sung' to if you want. If you don't... they'll come back stronger but with a much stronger dream fragment. :eek:

I'm still working how the 'song' part of a Singer works gameplay wise since even though she is a Deathsinger, she was a Singer in life.

Unlike Code Vein (and Souls), Deathsinger starts out pretty complex like Nioh that can further be expanded upon and delved deeper.

The combo system and combo count make the game not just R1. I mean, you can still sort of R1 (there is a delay in between them thus not effect as comboing unless higher levels of rage/adrenaline/tension but even then comboing is even more effective [also comboing has bonus effects]. I like to have this legacy gameplay option available for certain players. There is also some charm in R1 even though it is repetitive) but comboing is the main gameplay focus. Combo strings are different with different effects depending on your chain and weapon.

Now... In the subject of Souls. Yes, I know, "He's talking about Souls again! Please stop he is already dead! :cry: ". 🤪

Mostly like I said, 'R1'. Can't help it though since it is the core gameplay of Souls, but still.

The future Souls games tries to freshen up the otherwise simplistic gameplay. Dark Souls 2 has some special actions on L2, powerstance, and you can combo a strong attack after a light (not the other way around). Dark Souls 3 at least has weapon arts and charged attacks which help make the gameplay less repetitive. It is rare that a weapon has greater than a 2 hit variation or a special attack.

Still mostly 'R1' though but they tried as I can see some improvements in the overall core formula. :cautious:

Besides parrying most of the time is not useful since the risk is way too high even though the reward is way too high (for bosses mostly very low reward unless for certain bosses). Parrying is usually reserved for elite players and not a tool anyone can use with moderate skill and reading.

Bloodborne has weapons with greater than a 2 hit cycle. Also has a trick attack system. However, I find it really doesn't see much use. At least an option is there since trick attacks are pretty cool and vary the gameplay if you want to use it. I personally never found much helpful use to them. Parrying is also more viable than the Souls games since the frames are generous since it is integral to combat. It would've been nice to mix gunplay and close combat but guns are relatively useless in damage unless you build into gun damage.

Rally also promotes aggressive play to recover lost health when struck but I personally find it should last longer since it wears off a little bit too fast. You'll be lucky to recover barely half the amount of the faded health portion especially if you're knocked away and down.

Overall, Bloodborne not only has a change of pace but also is a little less repetitive than Souls games. However, makes some mistakes as Souls where gameplay tools are kinda left to the sideline or over/undertuned.

Don't get me started on Black Blood... where transform attacks and blood loss are integral and useful to the gameplay... Even blood is not just show and is part of the gameplay. Yes, blood is mentioned a lot in Bloodborne but does it even do anything? I prefer to show than tell but that is just me.

I have not played Sekiro, but there is a cognitive bias already formed into my mind... Yes, that is: deflect, deflect, and deflect. At least it is another change of pace from the usual 'R1'. But another problem is, is what the point of attacking the boss health directly (attack is useful when hitting their guard though)? :cautious:

All it does is make it slightly easier to make them lose posture, but it tickles their health bar. Like might as well have no health bar and just have the red orbs. You pretty much have to deflect the boss into breaking posture to remove one red orb. o_O

Though I find the 'die twice' mechanic not as impactful as for example the Deathsong in Deathsinger. Pretty much the boss loses one health orb and you live again. Then again the mechanic never sees use if you theoretically never die (of course realistic regular players will die at some point). The Deathsong is both useful alive or dead and even whether or not you use it (rare exceptions where you purposely restrict rage/adrenaline/tension by special equipment or items). I expect 'shadows die twice' to have more impact in gameplay but I believe it is more for story related stuff from a guess.

There are different arm tools and grappling hook you can use but you'll be limited to the katana though. So the options for melee combat is much more limited compared to the Souls games.

Can't really give a fair opinion for Sekiro since I haven't played it. o_O

Yes, I know you can't keep innovating since we'll reach that plateau, but we haven't reached that plateau of gameplay yet. :oops:

Not just gameplay too like story, characters, and music too.

As I said before I'm looking for something more than just 'R1'. There is nothing wrong with simple but I prefer my stuff simple and complex at the same time. Also not as repetitive as 'R1'. I also like to have some style and lots of gameplay options and tools...

Even Kingdom Hearts is pretty complex even though it is simple. :oops:

Different boats for different folks. :)

My boat happens to be Deathsinger. :LOL:

Realistically, just stuff that is different. I like to expand my horizons to find a couple of perfect homes to settle in. Code Vein and Nioh were much more different than Souls. Besides long ago Souls was the only choice now there are more spices to choose from. :)

Also my design philosophies are much different than Fromsoft's design as you can already see in the third person action RPG department.

hah hah

I've been talking about Deathsinger a lot, but it is one of my ideas I put a lot of passion into so it makes sense I talk about it a lot. :oops:

I mean, I put a lot of passion into all my ideas really. It is just currently Deathsinger is in the spotlight. I design more than just third person action RPGs. :LOL:

I haven't got started on my other ideas such as Zompocalypse which is a survival horror idea for example. :sneaky:

But I would go on and on and end up with another essay post... Did I make another essay post again? o_O

heh heh heh :giggle:

Enfp 7w8 ;p
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I have no idea how they get the cars in the middle of the mall! Like they can't drive them in through the front doors, so how? Is there a secret tunnel? If so that'd be sick. Do they take them apart and put them back together? A resident witch that teleports things? Are they air dropped in?! Tell me the secrets!
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