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All of the following poems are weight-gain themed and are intended to make the reader blush and feel helpless and humiliated.
A Poem to Make You Blush (Chapters 1-3)

Chapter 1: Breakfast in Bed

Helpless foodslave, gassy and fat
We'll give your bloated belly a pat
We will caress your big butt too
Rest and digest while we pamper you

Here, there's no such thing as enough
You will be forever stuffed
We'll keep your belly filled and loaded
Your body relaxed, your bowels bloated

What we have in store for you
Is endless bliss and a whole new view
Of your new life as our cuddly pet
We know you're shy, but don't you fret

You won't know illness, pain, or strife
From now on, a gentle life
Of tenderness and lots of food
To keep you in a sleepy mood

On display for all to see
Our foodslave for eternity
Ice cream, custard, and cake batter
Every meal will make you fatter

Your digestion will be quite relaxed
As you lie back and pass lots of gas
Your bowels gurgle as they brew
While you're comforted and tickled too

You'll be loved in these dreamy lands
Forever massaged by our gentle hands
Endless pleasure to be explored
Forever you will be adored

The scent of sweetness fills the air
While you're pampered with such loving care
Your butt will never ever hush
EVERYONE can see you BLUSH

Chapter 2: A Sponge Bath and a Lazy Lunch

Helpless foodslave resting in bed
Our soft, fat, flatulent sleepyhead
Now it's time for a great big lunch
And we'll bathe you while you chug and munch

Desserts aplenty and lots of cheese
Your butt releases quite a breeze
The more you fart the better you'll feel
And you'll fart bigger with every meal

Now prepare for a soft sponge bath
And believe us, we did all the math
To calculate all of the ways
To comfort you while you gently laze

Sweetly scented body lotion
Rubbed all over with hand motion
Lavender and soapy lather
While you're fed some more cake batter

We'll make you feel beautiful inside and out
Blissful pleasure is what we're about
There's no escape from what awaits
But this isn't such a terrible fate

But then, it's not our place 'round here
To tell you what to feel or fear
Though we'll be honest, we get a rush
When we hear you whimper and see you blush

Now we'll tickle your massive tush
With feathers while we massage and smoosh
All the softest parts of your blubbery body
Behold! Our work is never shoddy

In only a month of having our fun
We've fattened you up to 30 tons
In less than two years at this sort of rate
A million pounds will be your fate

Chapter 3: Dinner of Delicious Doom

Helpless foodslave, it's time for dinner
And we're pretty sure we have a winner
Desserts beyond your wildest dreams
Pastries, pies, and heavy cream

Munch on lots of butter brickle
While we give you quite a tickle
Feast upon some lovely pies
As peaceful twilight beckons nigh

Chug some ice cream, eat a cake
Then sleep and dream and when you wake
You'll find you've grown a whole lot fatter
But that's barely even half the matter

Because while you sleep, you never fart
And yet your guts will do their part
So when you wake, you sleepyhead
Your farts will rumble throughout your bed

And everyone in this whole land
Will hear that sound, so loud, so grand
And know that you've made room for more
And released that scent that we adore

We broadcast every moment of
Your life so that we all can love
You as our gorgeous lovely pet
So blush and whimper as you sweat

We'll tease and tickle, so much fun
You'll fart in front of everyone
In the public eye, you'll live
And lots of cuddles we will give

One more helping yet to go
Extra-fattening, you should know
There's no escape, you can't lose weight
So rest now and accept your fate

Haiku to Make You Blush (Series 1)

Series 1: The Chronicles of Broad Horizons

Giggling caregivers
Delicious desserts for you
Massage and cuddles

You feel so sleepy
You're being stuffed and pampered
You're getting fatter

Big belly, huge butt
Whole body expands, so soft
Digest in comfort

Your bowels bloating
Feels like massage from inside
You let out a fart

Caregivers giggle
You blush deeply and whimper
You're being tickled

Many more gather
They surround and caress you
You blush more deeply

They feel excited
To see you stuffed and helpless
You're very gassy

You fart much bigger
The scent of love and sweetness
Your butt cheeks jiggle

You feel more helpless
Even more have gathered 'round
They've brought more ice cream

So stuffed and bloated
Expand like a marshmallow
This is your fat fate
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I really hate the quirks of this bbs. I had all my spoiler tags precisely calculated, but this bbs felt the need to add extra ones, thereby screwing up the whole structure I was going for. Then on top of that, it wouldn't let me edit. Then on top of that, I had to do that thing where I prove I'm not a bot!

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I sit down on my chair and as you sit down next to me
I recognice your face and the info starts to show
I feel quite overwhelmed with the things I did not know
about your life, your goals your taste, yeah all of that I see

I try to find a common topic...
you like drawing too
I must avoid to bring the topic murder up with you

Your profile tells me that you felt ashamed to fly to spain
I wonder what your face recogniction says about me
I feel deep shame
flushing over my face oh no!
Must hide my feelings well
the algorythms recognice
every emotion with which I dwell

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Algo based emotions facial recognition, China is that today.
Tyranny show that up your ass, hurray.

The future is set in, tuned and fumed to stay.
But is that pretty or matrix like to live and play.

Why does life have to be a game most like.
When letting your mind travel astray is so much more than Nike.

What is the fun in kissing a golden spoon.
When we can win more than the entire universe on a free lagoon?

(What ever, time for some more wine).
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Why isn’t poetry paying off anyway?!? It should. It’s creative expression that doesn’t erase our forests, intoxicate our oceans, pollute our air or scam our money - like banks.

Why do banks make that much profit anyways? The hell do they produce but head aches! They just sit in their warm offices and push some buttons on some computers and then, massive bonuses. New York, London, and every capital city on the planet full of dumb traders hating poetry and obsessed about materialistic goals. Why do they make a million a day in bonuses? What value do those commissions sucking assholes add to any society at all?!?!

I bet they are all a bunch of cat raping soulless morons. I hate bankers.

.. now that was my second poem ;)

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One too many drinks but I am feeling creative...

The Wingless Thing

The butterfly is beautiful
But the child of man awakes
And he thinks himself dutiful
And then that beauty escapes

Returning to the garden
This child possesses now a jar
But the butterfly did not give in
Now is that not bizzare?

The butterfly is beautiful
But its wings the child takes
He but thought himself dutiful
And still that beauty escapes
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Hey there babe
I am Bravo, Jonny
come look at me
and my flat tummy

Listen girl
you got some money
if you do
I'll call you hunny

Or come dine out
with my mum
I'm sure you two
would get along

What I do for a living?
I hit the beach
pretend to be swimmin'
or find a nice peach
I think it's time
you merry me
love on first sight
I'm all you can see
Watch my muscle
tighten up
When I wear this
hawt tank top
My hair is cooler
then all hair here
why don't you compliment
the garnets I wear?!

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Hi there hunny
I'm possible kim
gotta find my jetpack
to save lil Tim :wave:


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OK ok ok ok then!
My name is Dexter
and this is my lab
Please!! Don't push red button
on my tab

my sister is Deedee-
really annoying!!
Annoy her cheer
or with you she'll be toying


She smiles like manic
all the time
hence my face is sour
as a lime

She want's us to play
at least once a week
and when I say no
she calls me a geek

Soon I will make
a time machine
It can take you away
just enter this steam

you'll travel 6000 years in time
not sure if back or forward
so it's still considered a crime

But if you want to
just enter and there you go
it will be interesting for
all your friends to show


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It's cat and mouse,
and a tyrannical few.
Inside the pointed house.
It's a real who's who.

Take To the Sea
When all your bridges are thoroughly burned,
don't get stuck in the butter you've churned.
Take to the sea, by route that you've earned.

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Just trying it on
that colour
(with a u)
(I'm Canadian)

swapping shower curtain
Hand pick design of a shower curtain
sea-shell shower curtain

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My starting attempts at horror poetry and a revisiting interest in Zen Buddhism somehow led to this. I hope you all can enjoy :)


Bodhidharma's lidless eyes
Be wary—they will paralyze
Peering in the moonless night
Haunting, chilling—devoid of light

He draws a circle at the feet
Of some wanderer taking seat
In the forest's hidden lair
Bodhidharma will find you there

A single brush of blood will claim
That wanderer and his shame
And bound to that scarlet sphere
With heart laid open—lust and fear

Then the operation begins
To detach the soul from its sins
Bodhidharma spoons out those eyes
To free the flesh of carnal lies

With a scalpel comes off that tongue
No more erotic tales are sung
And Bodhidharma wants the toes
No more sneaking under his nose

And once the heart falls to arrest
Bodhidharma completes his test
And then Bodhidharma stood
Over the sinner drained of blood


He will deliver you from evil ;*
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I always despised the overrated beauty of the butterfly, so what better than to play out the wicked beasts as monsters in extension from the idiom, "butterflies in your stomach?" Cocky bastards.


She is a world of vivid green
Lovely—but plagued by fiends unseen
They haunt within the shades of night
Wings that instill her heart with fright

She is a garden of pure bliss
The scarlet apple is her kiss
But those beasts imbue her with rot
They poison each her touch and thought

She is the darling rose sought of
Those winged worms weave into her love
Digging deeper into the bud
Where her entrails with worries flood

She was my world of vivid green
Now she lays in a world unseen
Haunted by invisible worms
With wings that fly in swarms

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The Chameleon Effect of the Intp

Black out drunk
is the only time it's safe
from the engraving eyes

A fountain of youth is not the end of fountains
A fountain of better ways to create power
the flashy neon kind
Would demand a higher plumbing

Who is the smartest in the university?
Surely the math or the physics types
So what of a fountain of ideas
higher than the ones even they could even spout
in those dusty university halls
or sterile office chemistry vials.

The Advil chemistry is dead

[edit] Removed the last line: Get rimmed bitch.[/edit]
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