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Ti users and loving to play video games

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So I have noticed that most Ti users love to play video games. I am ENFP, but I have a heavy Ti function as well and I also love to play video games. How many Ti users here love to play video games?
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Entertainment preference and character development aren't really dependent on type.
Yeah I like some video games, but I'm pretty sure there's a video game out there for anyone. Are you talking about a certain type of video game?
How is that possible?
I am ENFP, but I have a heavy Ti function as well
I like video games, but I'm not sure it's related to type. Though, as Van mentioned, you could specify the type of game :p

By the way, wouldn't your tertiary function be Te?
What type of video games do you like?

I don't like the ones with lots of action and fast reaction times. Maybe because it makes me want to get up and move my whole body instead of just my eyes and hands and I'm more introverted and don't want to use Se for no reason.

I play the boring computer games which are more strategic and involve spending time thinking about what to do next and giving me time to think about other random things. Maybe that uses more Ti/Ni.
Liking video games or not is not necessarily type-related. What should be type-related is what kind of games a concrete user plays, if he/she likes them.

For example, I like some RTS like Starcraft, and some FPS with an interesting history, like HALF-LIFE (did you see my avatar?:crazy:) and DeusEx.

A video that illustratres perfectly why I love this cyberpunk game called DeusEx, despite of being actually very old:

I wouldn't say I love the vids but I do greatly enjoy them when I do play them. However, where is the clear and present accomplishment of playing them, honestly? I used to be such a head in the clouds dreamer type and now I'm more focused on the concrete aspects of life so video games don't interest me as much anymore. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy them and am still interested in very abstract matters, theories, formulas, etc. but I like more... material successes...

Mortal Kombat, Tekken 6, CoD, GeOW, GoW, and RPG games can keep me entertained for hours. What can possibly be better than giving your enemies a swift roundhouse kick to the face or throwing a grenade at them and watching them perish? That or ripping your enemies in half or even brutally murdering someone 10x your size in crisp,, clear visuals? It's great! That and RPGs, the king of gaming time killers... You can spend like a whole week playing one of them... And then even when you do beat those games, there are always variables you can alter in them to make the game like a brand new experience like playing with different characters in your party...
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I am almost an ENXP. I use NE, FI, TI....................

I am a wierd ENFP
How is that possible?
Yes, I'm Ti dominant and I LOVE video games. I'm an addict, tbh.
My "guild leader" in Everquest 2 is actually INTP. Great fellow. He sounds like a big fluffy ENFJ to be honest.
I know that he's an INTP because he told me his MBTI type. I think Everquest 2 attracts Ti-doms by the way.
Most of the people, at least the guild I'm in, are well over their 30's, 40's, 50's, married couples. I think
they're awesome.
Eh, my ISFP sister is RPG video games all the way, with some fighting and racing thrown in. The ENTP sister likes simple cute games like Kirby and '64 Mario. Me? I like computer RPGs and RPGMMOs the most (though I will play RPGs on other devices). I prefer books over games most days though.
I would never say no to blowing something up or shooting Nazi Zombies... except that isn't quite true. I get about fifteen minutes into a game and it looses interest for me really fast. Though I do like watching my young INTJ brother play story based games for brief stints of time. I like something a little more tangible personally- not saying I actually WANT to encounter a Nazi Zombie face to face!!!
If I'm not mistaken, any type can enjoy a good video game, just like they can enjoy a good book, television show or board game. I think the only differences tend to be what they may enjoy about forms of entertainment or why they enjoy them.

I'm NF with little to no Ti to speak of, yet my Te makes up for it. I love playing RPG games and dreaming as if the game world is real. Although that I'm fully aware that outside of the loaded screen and loaded files there is nothing but data coding in its various forms, just sitting in the ROM waiting to come into use I do like to imagine the world is real. I play the character to an ideal, usually close to pure evil or pure good and I like to imagine the world is whole, a decision or action I am taking is making someone's life better or worse at some time or some place. My favourites are when my actions in the game seem to re-shape the entire world (for 'better' or for 'worse') by the end of the game. I know all of these are illusion but the idea stimulates me as I play regardless.
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