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Tere! Yo! Whatsup? Heil and Sieg!

So this is the place google repeatedly insisted on me visiting whenever i was looking for information on the different Myers-Briggs personality types and after some anonymous lurking for a week or two, i must say the friendly atmosphere and overall diversity of discussion topics had an appealing influence on me. That and the website's general focus on psychology invited me to stay longer and have a closer look. Besides powersurfing through the various interesting threads by opening way too many tabs and treating this place as just another potential time waster, learning to articulate my thoughts better and actually taking the time to bring them out in the open would be my underlying goal here. Especially after always scoring a stunning 'over 9000' on the introversion scale. We'll see how that goes, i guess. Also, ever since i read the Estonian translation for Jung's "Psychological Types" a few years ago, i have been fascinated about the possibility of a different way for understanding myself and people around me, based on something other than my rather cynical view as an INTP.
There is a chance that the Art Museum subforum will see me carpet bombing the favourite artists threads with a variety of pretty pictures from newly discovered artists every once in a while. You see, gifted with a modest talent at drawing and no official artistic education, i somehow still think that i have a duty to be more interested in art regardless of my opinion about the relative insignificance of aesthetics compared to the 'big picture'. Nevertheless, the joy of finding somebody skilled and talented or just with a different take on the subject, the pure satisfaction of a fresh kill after a days hunt still remains and maybe it's a good thing. Not to mention the certain escapist qualities of creating something yourself and the possibility for a (re?)conciliation with the world through art.

Ok, enough of this. I thank you for your attention. Looking forward to a good time on the forums and wishing the same to everyone else.

p.s. any kind of constructive criticism on grammar and spelling is always welcome. english is not my native language.


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