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Alright guys. Have fun deciphering my babble! I'd post what I think I have, but I'd like some unbiased opinions first ;)

Fair warning: I swear a little and I focus on typing out my thought process more than answering the actual questions they pose after the scenario... oops?




Your significant other just ended your 2 year relationship quite suddenly and with no apparent explanation. Up until this point you had both been talking about marriage and last week you even went to look at rings together. Now he/she won't even return your phone calls or texts. After talking with his/her family you find out that he/she has just been diagnosed with terminal stage 4 cancer.

- Describe how this scenario would make you feel as well as what sort of influences and motivations lie behind those feelings. Why do you feel the way you do?

- In this scenario what would you honestly say the primary focus of your feelings would be?

I struggle with a lot of abandonment issues-- IE good friends suddenly becoming cold, good friends telling me they can’t be with me anymore, and I get angry and upset at… well, not them. If they ever wanted to become friends again, I’d ask them why they did what they did but I don’t hold grudges. But I still get really hurt by seemingly random abandonment. If it’s something I did wrong, I would try to apologize and if they didn’t forgive me, I wouldn’t understand why after I explained all my thought processes to present my side of the story. IMO if someone gives a good enough reason to their actions, you should generally be able to believe them and evaluate the situation based on their circumstances in addition to yours. (Unless we’re talking legal stuff or breaking laws like I’m not talking about “Oh yeah I killed a person” y’kno I’m talking about like drama and stuff) Letting your feelings get in the way of it is hard not to do, but I try to look at things more objectively. As for the person, I’d like to be with them for the rest of their short life. I want to make sure they’re exiting this world comfortable and happy and I would want to ease the situation for them as much as I could, because I love them. I could see myself getting frustrated at some of the emotional turmoil they might have and it would be stressful on me because emotions take a massive toll on my energy and stress levels, but depending on how stubborn they are I hope I’d be able to convince them. I hate stubborn people and people who aren't able to appreciate the good things in life so if the person was a debby downer all the time and not appreciating the rest of the time they have left in this world, I doubt I’d be in a relationship with them anyways. But in any case, even if they weren't right for me, I’d try to do what I could for a good friend, even if they weren’t my partner… even if I do get frustrated and fed up with stubborn emotions sometimes.



You are in college and this semester both you and your roommate end up in the same class together. You and your roommate get along fairly well and the living situation works but you aren't particularly close. You both typically do your own thing and are rather indifferent to each other. As the semester progresses you excel and become one of the top students in the class whereas your roommate is struggling significantly to grasp the material. The professor assigns a fairly challenging take home test that is a significant portion of your grade. He/she makes it clear that while it is open book, students are to work alone. Later your roommate comes to you begging for help after struggling with the test most of the weekend. You have already completed the assignment and he/she isn't asking to copy your answers, just to help tutor and mentor them as they struggle to complete the test, so there is no way your professor would ever know. However, this is the first time your room-mate has asked you for help this semester. He/she makes it clear that how they do on this test could mean the difference between passing and failing this class.

- How do you respond to your roommate’s request and why?

- What sort of things in this scenario stand out to you as far as having a strong influence on your decision making and why?

- Describe the flow of your decision making process.

Sure tbh. I love helping people and if they make it clear they just need some help being talked through the problems, I can guide them toward the information. I really appreciate people who don’t ask for the easy way out but do admit they need a little bit of help, and I am always willing to be there to provide that help. If they are argumentative and clearly don’t appreciate my help, I might help them with a bit of the test but then call it quits. Also, it depends on how well they grasp the material. If I explain it, guide them through it, help them read from the textbook, but they still can’t make the jump to the correct answer (due to stupidity, not due to problems with reading comprehension or memory) then I might get too frustrated to help them with more of the test, or I might just suck it up and help them. Either way, I’d definitely start to help them with it, but if I continue with it depends on their attitude. and how patient I’m feeling ;)

Edit: Here's some decision making process stuff... If I'm good friends with the teacher, I'd feel a little bad about defying the solo work only thing, but on the other hand idgaf really if they're never going to find out. Besides, I like helping friends. I like to help people when I know something well, though I know its not sheer benevolence (though that's a majority of it) but that ego factors into it a little bit too. But anyways if I can help a friend struggle less, that's always good.



Your boss calls you into his/her office in order to assign you to a new project. He/she gives you a choice between two.

Project 1 is a rather broad, expansive project covering multiple areas of company operations. It has the potential to have a very significant impact on company operations but it would require a collective effort and an extensive amount of group work where you would be logically thinking through the project together with the group of individuals your boss has also assigned to it.

Project 2 has a much more specific and narrow focus and would require a significant amount of in depth individual analysis to work through the problem. You would be working alone and the completion of the project may or may not have much impact on company operations. However, after complete the process and problem you were working on will be streamlined and fundamentally understood.

- Which project appeals to you the most, as it relates to the way you prefer to logically process information? Why?

- What sort of things in this scenario, across either project, stood out to you as having a strong influence on your decision? Why?

HOLY GOD I HATE WORKING WITH OTHER PEOPLE AND COMPROMISING MY IDEAS. It depends on the other people in the project. I’m fine with working with one or two other people I find competent (which is hard, it’s hard to impress me), but honestly big teams are such a turn off. Changing the whole infrastructure of the company also sounds like a pretty daunting task that honestly, though I care, I just cannot be assed to deal with. I would MUCH rather prefer the solo project where and can develop a nice system to deal with the problem and people who need it can benefit from it. I’d love that, and prefer it to having a company wide impact. HOWEVER. I have ADHD and am terrible at pacing and working by myself. My mind wanders and I’m also more creative when I can discuss my ideas with other people. I don’t also like doing the bulk of the work myself. I like coming up with the ideas, and leading the whole project, having other people do the dirty work and then I look at it and I go “lmao this is garbage piss off please” and then do it myself and go “OKAY LOOK THIS IS HOW YOU DO IT RIGHT, YOU’RE ALL TERRIBLE AND I HATE ALL OF YOU” except I’m a people pleaser and I hate hate hate being rude so I’d just go “I think this works a little better, maybe…” In fact like omg I’m so meek and quiet and humble irl but in my head I’m all “LOL SMD I’M SO MUCH BETTER AT THIS THAN YOU” Which is again, why it’s important that everyone I’m working with is as competent or more competent than me, because then we can all benefit each other rather than picking up after everyone else. But working on a company wide project would be really stressful, and thinking about it kinda freaks me out a little. I’d probably ask if I could get one other partner to work with me on the smaller project. If I HAD to choose, I’d probably choose the big project because of the “expansive project covering multiple areas… … collective effort… … logically thinking through the project.” I think I have the ability to understand the individual parts and figure out an efficient and productive way for them to come together and work as a whole, and I also like being a leader in groups and think I can take over or patch up the work of people who aren't pulling their weight as well. I just hope it’s good… it would be scary, I hope it turns out well and is efficient!

Note: I enjoy working with people when their ideas are strong and can complement my own, see #4. Making big amendments to company policies also does not bother me, but is not as safe as doing smaller work as I can get intimidated by the impact of the decisions. Smaller is more comfortable.



Your college professor has assigned you to a group project with 3 other individuals. All 3 of these individuals have a good strong work ethic and desire to contribute to the overall success of this project. You are at the first meeting of your group and the other members are tossing around valuable ideas as to the nature and direction of this project.

- Describe your behavior in this situation as you process and think about the ideas they are presenting.

- Describe what major influences drive this behavior.

Alright great I’m with some competent people, cash money. I’d look for the idea that is a little more creative but still fits the terms and conditions of the project well. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in college, it’s okay to have a little fun and be creative as long as you still fit all the criteria of the syllabus. I enjoy having an idea that will stand out as fun, innovative, and really impress the professor and other students. You don’t earn good grades by being boring ;) I mean you can, but impressing the professor with dynamic ideas is a must to go above and beyond their expectations, in my opinion. I’m here to impress.

Note: As I’m reading the key after the fact, I forgot I’m with other people and my brain naturally took over the leadership role ie. i’m going to choose which idea we like best or combine them in a way I like and do it. If people don’t like my decisions I’m gonna be frustrated :mad: because I can decide what is the best out of a group of options always *flips hair*) But yeah. Unless an idea strikes me quickly, I'd sit back and listen to everyone else's ideas to use them to jumpstart my own thought process, and maybe draw things i like from their ideas and incorporate it into a big idea mish mash that works well, adding a few personal touches ofc~



It has been a very long week and you feel mentally and emotionally drained, but good news! It is Saturday and you have nothing significant that needs to be done. You FINALLY have some free time to yourself to recharge your batteries and do whatever you want.

- Describe what sort of activities would help you to recharge. What would you enjoy doing after a long week and why?

- What sort of things do you feel you draw non-physical energy from doing?

WOOOOOOOOOOOO oh my god oh my god okay. So first, I’d sleep like a TON. Like so much omg. Then I’d have time to play video games :D Most of my time right now is taken up by MMOs. I play a typical tab target MMO called Final Fantasy XIV and a platforming PVP game called Elsword (think Super Smash Bros. with a combo system). I raid a lot in FFXIV, but spending a lot of time with my guild on Teamspeak can tire me out a little. So, I’d probably rest a lot, wake up, maybe walk to Starbucks or make a nice breakfast, and then get on XIV and do some calm daily things, like levelling off-classes or doing dailies. Then when my guild inevitably asks me to come raid with them, I’d probably do that for a few hours, then step out to chat with some friends over Skype IM and maybe play a little Elsword arena. Then I’d blog on Tumblr for the rest of the night while tabbing into XIV to level a little bit more or other calm activities. In fact, that’s my situation today! I just finished finals week after being sick and not sleeping for like 3 days. Still got an A on everything~ But ooh man I’m feeling that vidya withdrawal now. If a friend asked me to hang out for a movie later that night, I’d probably feel rested enough after my good sleep and slow day (provided raiding didn’t wear me out too much) to take a few hours to wrap up my day with a close friend :). I don’t have many IRL friends and I don’t need many IRL friends. Just my three best friends living here is good enough for me and we see each other once every 2 weeks or so. I figured I should mention that. I have many “friends” online but that’s because we all share similar interests and even then I don’t talk with them unless we’re doing something together. Then I have my 3 closest friends who live near me. 2 of them moved out here after finding out we were like friend-soulmates online. We’re like twins! But honestly screw anyone who wants to just come up and be friends with my irl. i hate everyone [cat hiss]



You have a meeting with your college career counselor to discuss potential careers that interest you. He/she offers you a list of the following careers and asks you to pick your TOP 3. He/she asks you to take money out of the equation. Imagine all of these careers received equal compensation. Focus instead on where you would truly feel most happy and fulfilled.

Artist, Scientist, Actor, Engineer, Musician, Lawyer, Counselor, Entrepreneur, Teacher, Manager, Psychologist, Computer Programmer / Analyst, Clergy, Child Care, Medical Doctor

- What were your top 3 choices and what aspects of these careers appeal to you?

- Was it difficult or easy to pick only 3 and why?

- Prioritize the aspects of your career choices that influenced your decision, what things mattered most to you, where do you imagine finding the most fulfillment and why?

Hmm alright I guess, I don’t really like art as a career, so nope. Scientist sounds really great, Science is currently my associates degree goal and I’ve always wanted to go into science (except now I think I might want to go into psychiatry because I struggled with so many effing incompetent shrinks and basically learned all about psych meds myself until I found a good shrink I could actively discuss my ideas with. I want to be someone competent and knowledgeable for people who were in my situation. lol but i digress, my dream job growing up was astrophysicist so lmao). So yeah scientist is on there. Uhh, Engineer… maybe a tad too hands on and mathy, but up for consideration. Musician? Uh.. I come from a family of musicians and know I have the talent but I think I’d enjoy scientist more, maybe. I was in band for a long time and I enjoy music a lot. I’m not very good at composing it, but playing is ok, I think…? Realistically I’m not good enough to become a professional musician and it would take a lot of work to get to that level. I mean I guess I could do it but it’s so like… out of the world of possibility at this point in my life. Artsy stuff has always been in my mind as more of a hobby, even though it would make for an enjoyable career. Counselor… lol I hate people who have trouble helping themselves lolno. Entrepreneur… meh, a lot of work, lots of people and shit and dynamic and OOH BILLY MAYS HERE eh not my thing rly. Teacher… sigh. I like teaching people but have low tolerance thresholds for incompetence. Manager? Uh… sounds a little stressful and frustrating, even though I like leading. Depends on what I’d be manager of I guess? It doesn’t sound too unrealistic for me. Psych… honestly again, people and stuff… nah... I know its objective analysis of people, but I guess I really don’t care that much, since it’s not super applicable research. Programmer is what I wanted to do for a long time before I was like “holy shit you’d be bored out of your MIND” like omg with so monotonous and 101101010001 1ijdnkfjxdnf kill me. never. Clergy…? whats a religion can you eat it. Child care… ohhh my god no stab me. Medical Dr… *tsk* I mean it sounds like interesting problem solving but medical stuff kinda turns me off tbh. Human body isn’t that great. Again Psychiatrist is a different deal. But general MD stuff probably ain’t for me. Sooo yeah uh, Scientist, Engineer, Musician, Manager is my list. Hmmm… It’s a tie between Musician and Engineer. Again, I enjoy musician but I don’t really think I have the skillset to really excel and become notable in it, and I stopped playing music as a hobby a few years ago… But I also enjoy performing music very well. Ummm god yeah that’s kinda tough, uhh, engineer… I’ve never really been one to enjoy physical real world working parts, so I don’t think so. See, I have no appreciation for like physical building and structure. Software engineer yes-- I really love seeing how the systems dynamically come together and work together, but I don’t think I’d be a good programmer, maybe just a designer. Anyways the job here is not software structure designer thingy, so nty. Scientist, Manager, Musician it is. Realistically though, just Scientist and Manager. Blah blah questions you see my thought process already here whatever whatever let's move on I type my thoughts pretty much directly brain to words like my speech you've been with me for 6 questions i think we all understand that by now


Click on the image below and pay close attention to the things that jump out to you, objects, thoughts, feelings, impressions, ideas etc. What do you see?

- Describe the main things that stand out to you in this picture.

- Why do you think/feel you focused on those things?

- Describe the strength with which this photo did or did not appeal to you and why?

Oh wow!! This picture is a lot prettier and more vibrant than I thought it would be. This is a painting??? Wow… this talent tho. Anyways, I absolutely love how colorful it is. Is this what people high on X mean when they say the world looks more bright and beautiful? haha. The trees in the back were the first thing that caught my eye, though now that I look at them they look a little more like tiny pine trees rather than desert bushes. :0 that’s kinda bothering me there but also don’t really care because they are pretty heheh. The ripples on the water are beautifully painted. I live in the desert so I kinda know how the landscape typically is, and I haven’t been to the Grand Canyon but if it was as vibrant and beautiful as this painting, I’d totally have to. Too bad the real outdoor is disgusting and dirty and hot looooool. Like idk, this picture is REALLY striking me with… holy shit I keep using these words but how beautiful and vibrant it is. It feels almost very tranquil but mysterious and a bit hopeful (because of it’s peacefulness). Which is weird because I’m like “what are these emotions I don’t know how to handle these they have cooties” because I’m not used to ever having any emotional impressions about any art, especially landscapes. But uhhh… hey, you asked for it! For example if I saw this scrolling down my tumblr dash (which is mainly anime, vidya games, and shitposting) i’d be like “oh wow this is really pretty :0” and probably give it a like and continue scrolling. so yeah. man wtf is english im so bad at wording stuff whatever something something emotions are weird and foreign to me but this art is making me feel them and im not 100% sure how to react tl;dr its nice and much prettier and detailed than I thought it would be

AAAAAAAAAAND we’re done here thanks for listening to my brain-to-paper vomit wow what an awkward note to end it on sorry i probably sound dorky now or something oh my god oh my god i should stop typing but this is a personality thing so I should probably leave feelings and stuff in here right okay whatever bye THANKS FOR READING 、( ̄▽ ̄)V

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@maski these are my favorite on "What's my type". Nobody else has commented because you're a difficult case. Truthfully, you're functions are hard to read, but I kind of got an ENP vibe. Ne seems to be your most dominant function, as your post is covered in it, and I'm leaning towards ENTP, like me. Being difficult to decipher is not a good thing, hence your whole 'going to a psychiatrist' thing. For instance you said you like helping people, but then later you talk about how much people can annoy you. Clearly, Fe is not your first function. I also get the sense that you believe you could do better than most psychiatrists you've seen. This is because they don't adapt to you, and let you discuss your ideas? You typed a whole bunch, much of it irrelevant, as if you really wanted people to impressed with your thought process? This is the vibe I've gathered, take it as you will.

Part of the difficulty, is only one function was truly apparent, Ne. Your thinking function showed through, but I'm still not sure if it's misplaced auxiliary Ti or overcompensating tertiary Te. As stated before, I think it's the former. Don't get me wrong, you're ability to analyze and think is probably fine, but your Ti-Fe axis seems to sway whichever way the wind blows. From what I read, you seem young (17 to 20; I'm 26 btw), so you're still developing your functions. Feel free to head over to the ENTP forum to see if we are like minded people. ENTP Forum- The Visionaries

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@maski You typed a whole bunch, much of it irrelevant, as if you really wanted people to impressed with your thought process? This is the vibe I've gathered, take it as you will.
Haha, not so much impress rather than provide an untampered view of exactly what I thought of when I saw each question. Then it's covered in horrific expositon as I try to clear up any missed details I might have left out that I felt were relevant... never mind that though, I've always been bad at picking out only the important info. I'm sure a lot of my sporradic thought process is the ADHD talking too. But I figured my entire journey from the question to the answer might be... helpful? Since if you just took the actual answers they're pretty ambiguous imo.

I'm 17 btw, good guess! I understand my functions are still developing, but I'm beginning a campus leader/peer mentor program at my community college and they are going to work individually with us using our MBTI type to give us guidance on our leadership style in our mentored classes, so it's a bit important for me ^^' and when I take just the standard MBTI tests I always get ISTP/INTP which I don't think is... quite right? I've met INTPs and they basically live in their head, whereas I like to think I'm pretty down to earth. But my Se is awful so I doubt I'm ISTP either, and the profiles are like 80% innacurate for me. Kinda tough. Maybe I'm an INTP/ENTP with really well developed "realistic" and "practical" functions? Idk which ones they'd be. But I like to think I can see ideas and instantly get a sense of whether they're viable or not. :x

Also, I find it really interesting you thought I switched between the Fi/Te Ti/Fe poles a lot. While I personally saw a good ammount of Te in my responses, I can see where you see the Ti/Fe. I certainly test extremely high on Ti in the generic function quizzes, but according to this key it seems I think about things in a Te way, and I just don't think I live in my head at all. Maybe they're just both equal or my other functions make cetain thoughts seem like they're coming from both ends of the spectrum. I also don't really know what to think about Ti's Fe...? The Fe might be a little misunderstood though...

While I have awfully negative opinions about some people, you'll never catch me calling them out or saying anything to their face about it. This is simply because I don't want myself to be disliked by anyone, and emotional confrontation drains the hell out of me. So I'm definitely a peacekeeper at heart, but it's more out of self preservation. Group loyalty is a hard concept for me to understand and if things go south I will jump that boat before you can blink. But more in the way of "never talk to them and hope everything falls apart while I'm gone and then I don't have to deal with it" lol. This is me talking MMO raid teams and friend circles. If we're talking projects at school or work, I just suck it up and take the whole project because I know I can do it better than everyone else involved typically. Unless we're talking people who are great, in which case I prefer to oversee the idea and then have everyone else implement it while I supervise & then I correct their details/mistakes to match it more closely to my vision. Of course, sometimes people have fantastic ideas and I can incorporate those too, in which case I'm like Thank You For Your Patronage *peace sign*. It's always a tug of war between "Alright here's your portion of work, do it pls" and "I can do this better the first time around so I'm just going to handle it and save us both a whole lot of headaches" which probably just depends on my energy levels that day. What would it be like if I was with a whole team of brilliant, competant, creative people? My current raid team is a lot like that and I usually end up in a second in command position. It's so wonderful and stress free when I can count on everyone to do their jobs well, and I can kick back and just focus on doing the best work I can. That is, of course, the position I'm most comfortable in :)

I'm really curious to find out how you came up with Extroverted for me. I can see how you would come up with the conclusion that I draw from my environment a lot, I'm just interested to know the actual details of that realization since #5 reeks introverted to me. My energy levels are horrifically low, and the only thing I can do when I'm feeling drained is solo gaming or blogging. Uuuusually I can build up enough energy to go socialize by a few hours of me-time and cruising the net, but... yanno. Not always. For example, in #5 I thought I was going to have enough energy to raid yesterday, but I ended up not even logging on because I was too tired to deal with my guildies haha. Did you get extroverted because my time sinks are all interractive things like gaming and blogging and 1-on-1 chats? Those always seemed like more introverted activities to me.

Anyways, thanks for the input, and hopefully this post could clear up a few misconceptions ^^

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I'm really curious to find out how you came up with Extroverted for me. I can see how you would come up with the conclusion that
I draw from my environment a lot, I'm just interested to know the actual details of that realization since #5 reeks introverted to me. My energy levels are horrifically low, and the only thing I can do when I'm feeling drained is solo gaming or blogging. Uuuusually I can build up enough energy to go socialize by a few hours of me-time and cruising the net, but... yanno. Not always. For example, in #5 I thought I was going to have enough energy to raid yesterday, but I ended up not even logging on because I was too tired to deal with my guildies haha. Did you get extroverted because my time sinks are all interractive things like gaming and blogging and 1-on-1 chats? Those always seemed like more introverted activities to me.
@maski This is a recent thread where I explained ENTP source of energy . Having Ne as our number one source for energy is part of being an ENTP. The thing with Ne, is we don't have to be around people to fulfill it. Only Fe doms need interaction or the promise of interaction in order to be energized. Besides, when you raid, you're part of a group, so you're being extroverted in the fake world too. I spend a lot of time by myself, too, but when I do go around people, I'm very comfortable and it feels like a performance. The other reason I got the Extroverted vibe is because you're Enneagram strikes me as 7w8, which is a common Enneagram type for ENTPs.

Also, I find it really interesting you thought I switched between the Fi/Te Ti/Fe poles a lot. While I personally saw a good ammount of Te in my responses, I can see where you see the Ti/Fe. The Fe might be a little misunderstood though...
I didn't switch between the poles, but rather I think your Ti/Fe is still wishy-washy. Your Ti is stronger but you mistakenly think your Fe is working. This is a hunch, but I'll guess that it mostly sucks, but at least you understand the basic concepts of tact, playing nice with others. Haha, someone with strong Fe doesn't jump ship to save himself. Honestly, neither would Te. Fi is less likely to as well, but For Ti, it's always about subjectively acting on what you believe is objective. Raid goes south = get the hell out. I'm fairly confident on ENTP because it seems like I'm talking to the 17 year old version of myself. If you think you're talking to the 26 version, then I'll ahead and let you know that you won't be a virgin forever.

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Haha, got it :D I think you're probably right with the Ti/Fe then. "For Ti, it's always about subjectively acting on what you believe is objective" sealed the deal for me. Thanks for all the help! I definitely operated on Ti/Fe when I was growing up too, though I'm not sure if that has any relevance.

Just took the enneagram-- I got the nearest whole type as 3, and the type with wing as 9w1. idk. I feel like 7w8 is too high energy and domineering and even self confident... I mean, when I get in a manic kind of mood I can be like that, but only with people I know are lesser than me. 90% of my time is spent in online communities where I can't stop comparing myself to others. I've actually had to withdraw from 2 competitive games/communities I was playing on a world level because I thought people's expectations of me to improve and preform were too stressful and I felt too intimidated by how good everyone around me was. I knew I could get up to their level, but being judged in the public eye was horrifying when I knew I wasn't as good. I know I'm okay at things, but in higher level play, being "good" is a baseline. I work tirelessly to improve myself when I'm not in the public eye, but once I get to that threshhold where I need to start interracting with the best players to improve further and people start to know my name, I can't take the stress and the constant judging and expectations. I know this is probably sounding like a case of stereotypical teenager imaginary audience, but through the 100s of people I've known at my age in competitive communities, I have been the only person to be absolutely paralyzed by it. And then people get disappointed because I just... can't keep playing, and I feel like shit :( and move onto a new game.

Sorry for getting a little off track there, but I feel like a 7w8 wouldn't have problems with that since they're pretty sure of their self worth? And like this isn't a case of "They don't understand how good I can be," its more a case of "They understand how good I can be and I can't deliver. Needing to get to that level while constantly getting judged on my progress and compared to others is too much for me to handle." I just.. like to live up to peoples expectations and impress them, I guess. I really need external validation, both something objective like acchievements or topping the dps chart and something personable like being well liked and respected for my skill and personality in a community. I also don't know about 7w8s materialistic views. I care about titles and accomplishments I guess, but those aren't very tangible things to me. Things like showing off possessions or having a lot of money is honestly something I don't think I'll ever give a shit about; it just seems frivolous and irrelevant. I also don't think I quite have the energy levels of 7w8-- honestly I think I have 9w1s energy levels sometimes! But I do always like to be doing something when I feel energized, I just need my downtime too. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts.

The last thing I'd like to discuss is Se. While I was under the impression people with strong Se were very spatial and physical (oh god i am not) it appears to be more... adaptable to your environment and living in the moment, which I take pride in being able quickly figure out what I'm supposed to do in a situation or be flexible in the face of unforseen changes. Do you think maybe that's just dominant Ne talking with Ti sorting out the most viable course of action, so it ends up looking like Se? If... that's even possible. This test didn't go into S functions much so I'm a little unclear on them.

Thanks for all your help yet again. and huh. Getting laid? Imagine that, that'd be a big surprise to all my friends who insist I just can't be assed ;D
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