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Time to Say Goodbye to Nine

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Hey guys! Well, woopsies. I've been into the Enneagram for a couple of months now, and after much self-reflection and information gather, I initially thought I was a Nine. However, now, after even more self reflection and information gathering, I have figured out that I am a Six. :)

So, oops. ^^' You guys are awesome, and undoubtedly I'm going to hang out around here because there's just some things I love about Nines:

The atmosphere here is warm, friendly, safe, and just... buttery golden fluffiness. XD For the most part. And I like that.

But sorry for any confusion. I'm quite satisfied that I've figured out part of the Me Puzzle, though. Thank you all. ^^
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:') Okay, dear, safe travels. :tongue:
Aw! Come back and visit! Also "buttery golden fluffiness" is the most awesome description of a Nine I've ever seen. :D
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Congrats on finding deeper understanding, commiserations on leaving the 9s serenity ;)
It's a colder world outside of the 9s forums.

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@Sonny - Thank you. ^^ This is why I shall have to hang around the Nine forums from time to time. The warm feels good. :)

@Pebble in a Brook - Yeah. Somehow "buttery golden fluffiness" were the only words I could use to describe it, really. XD
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