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Post funny or serious stories about times when you have shared your intuition with other people, only to freak them out/ make an awkward situation/ get strange looks...

A couple of years back, friends of ours invited me and my husband out for dinner and drinks one evening. They phoned at about 4 in the afternoon and we arranged to meet near their place at 7. These friends were still in that stage between good acquaintances and good friends at the time - we wouldn't see them often but when we did it was normally spontaneous and we got on really well.

Anyway, one of my opening lines that night was "So, how many other people did you invite out before you called us?". I don't know why that came out of my mouth other than the strong impression that that is what did happen - that we had been maybe third on their list that night. I didn't mean it to be rude or accusatory - it didn't bother me that we weren't first on their list as we weren't the closest of friends. And I didn't really mean it as a joke, although I said it like a joke. I don't know, maybe it was a show-off "You can't fool me, I'm perceptive" kind of thing.

Yeah, so their shocked faces and stunned laughs and mumbled denials told me I was right but still I felt like such a douche for creating an awkward situation totally unnecessarily.

Thankfully, I think they found it strange but cute rather than rude. I consider them good friends now. They don't really get me, but they are intrigued by my odd brain and so at least try to get me :dry:

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Once I was waiting for a friend (D) and another one (H) came along before D showed up. While waiting I ask H “what’s up?”

H: “Well D told me she wants to talk to me.”
Me: “Ohhhhh”
H: “What?”
Me: “Nothing” *laughs*
H: “What?!”
Me: “Oh D will tell you she doesn’t know what you are talking about.”
H: *confused* “No she won’t”
Me: “Ok lets see” *laughs again*
D comes: “Hey H what are you doing here?”
H: “You told me you want to talk to me!”
D: “I did?”

By now I’m laughing my head off and they are looking at me as if I’m crazy (D) and that I have some ability to tell the future or something (H).


Me: “Oh she always does this, you are not the first victim.”

H didn’t believe that.


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I was at my friend's sister's wedding. I was actually having a great time and unusually extroverted and comfortable. It had been a long time since I was at a social function and I was happy to be able to hang out with peers closer to my age group. There was well over 500 guests there. Men on one side, the ladies on the other and the children playing in the middle with balloons and running up and down the hall. All of a sudden my senses kicked in that there was something amiss...I really wanted to ignore it because I was relaxed and having a great time. I saw my friend's daughter walking off with a man I did not recognize down the stairs. I figured it was a relative but still my intuition would not leave me alone and I followed them out. I tried to get the little girl to follow me back in but she is just as stubborn and headstrong as her mother and I didn't want to make a scene. I could see I made the man uncomfortable and he didn't know enough English to explain himself to me. We traveled together us three across the parking lot and to the grocery store. He put some money in a gumball machine and actually had them fall to the floor as I was making him so nervous. We walked back together and maybe that would have been the end of it but then my friend confronted me at the table in her loud and brusk manner which caused me to snap back at her that she should be watching her daughter. When she explained it was the little girl's uncle from her husband's side that is when my memory kicked in that I had met him before. The funny thing is that I am terrible with names but always remember a face. My intuition that night blocked my memory because if it hadn't I would have just written it off as her uncle spending some time with her. Did I prevent something from happening? I don't know but I would do it all again because something else was moving me that night. It was horrible and the worst part was that I had to be driven back with her to her family's home as we had traveled together out of state and were staying there for the weekend. It's not easy being green....or an INFJ for that matter :sad:
I think I should have shared my sister's intuition is quite funny and is a testament to the fact that she is the eagle eyes of the family. Till this day I always wondered why she never became a private investigator....she sure knows how to pump people for information lol!

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OK so heres my story:

While we were living in the US, my husband is telling me that his company is going to open a new centre either in boise, idaho or vancouver, canada.

I turned around to him and said " Yeah their going to open the one in Vancouver." He said " Well, actually they are leaning more towards the Boise centre." I said " Nah, it will be vancouver and then later we will move there." He looked at me oddly and said " I dont think we will ever move there." I shrugged and said " Well thats the feeling i get"

1 month later news comes in that they have opened the vancouver centre. 2 months later they asked if my husband can go there.

After that he came home and looked at me oddly for about one hour. I kept asking him why he was looking at me like that and he finally gave in and told me that they asked if he would move to vancouver.

He then asks in a hushed yet excited tone " How did you know we would go to vancouver?" I said " It was a feeling, like i knew it would happen."

We moved to vancouver and lived there 3 years. While at a work/family event my husbands boss is asking me questions about why we moved to another country and so far away from our families. I turned and said " This is where we had to go" She asked for details and i told her " Well life often gives you the chance to do things you wouldnt ordinarily do, coming here was our fate or destony, we were meant to come here. I miss my family but this is where we should be"

She looked at me oddly and kept silent. Then it came to me then i said " We are going to China next! I would love to see china!"
She laughs and said " They just opened up a centre in shanghai."

3 months later someone calls from shanghai asking if they can get someone who can speak cantonese, mandarin and english fluently to come and train the new team they have there. they sent them right to my husband. We talked it over and he went there for 6 months. I visited once and then when we came back for xmas he told me they offered him a job there. I said " Lets go!" He said "Are you sure?" I said " yeah we were meant to go there"

One month later we moved to shanghai. We lived there 4 years. At one point i got this odd feeling. It was a mixture of negatives ending in positives. I told my husband that something was going to happen and it will seem to be a horrible thing but its actually a good thing and it will allow us to move into the right position. Later he was laid off. He asked me what we would do now. I turned and said " We are moving to.... wait... i cant see it right. I see shenzhen and hong kong????" I was confused and didnt know what to say so i said " We are moving to Shenzhen or Hong Kong i think"

Later some colleagues of his all get together and decide they are going to open up a company in Shenzhen. So we moved to shenzhen. We lived there one year. Then an old colleague of my husband calls him up and wants to invite him for a job interview. He goes to the interview then gets a job offer. The job is in Hong Kong. So we move to Hong Kong. We have lived here 1 1/2 years.

When we first got here i dreamt of a large house with a pillared entrance and a large back yard. We had just moved into the house and i was setting up the childrens play room. The room was on the main level and 3 out of the 4 walls were glass. It was so beautiful. I remembered i had left one box of the kids stuff outside on the door step. So i talked from the play room to the front door. I open the front door and the sun was setting. I remember thinking how gorgeous it was to see the sun setting from our door step. I brought the toy box into the room and set it down. Then i remember hearing my childrens laughter and i went outside to the back yard. They were playing and laughing. Everything was so green. I thought to myself. It was so wonderful to live around so much green life. then i woke up.

next day i had the feeling that in 4-6 years we were moving to another place that was beautiful. We would own a large house and life was moving into the next cycle. I think its going to be in Seattle or Portland. It even could be back east. I cant see it 100% clearly. Time will tell and i will know soon enough where we will go next. But for the time being, i know we will be here a while.

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Haha...oh I have so many of these, but here's one that should be entertaining:

Back in high school, summer junior year, I had this extremely close bestfriend/crush. He and I would basically hang out everyday for 2 years prior to that summer so he and I became really close. Once I become close with someone, I create a strong connection with them so that my intuitions will sometimes bear their problems as the subject.

So at the beginning of said summer, he and I were in a fundraising show together with this one girl. He became interested in her and basically became obsessed. :dry: So they started talking and I would be happy, yet jealous, at the same time. During high levels of emotion my intuitions will get even stronger and since I was still very close to this friend many ended up being about what he should do to win her heart.

One afternoon we were driving home after practice for the fundraiser show and I just get this really odd feeling and I said, "Take her to the river...". He pulls into my driveway and just looks at me. And I look back and I say "Take her to the river...". He knew me well enough to know not to mess with my intuitions, so without even saying a word, he unlocked the doors, said goodbye and took the girl to the river.

From this day on the couple going on for almost two years now are still in shock as to why I told my bestfriend to take her to the river...ends up that night when he takes her there, it became their first date (however impromptu it was) and the night they first kissed...they consider it the day of their anniversary. I am convinced the two will get married someday and so is everyone else. Now this story is funny/romantic/sad for all the right reasons, but after getting over my straight crush, I couldn't be happier for both of them. :crazy:

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mines a short story.

my friend was dating this new girl and he started to tell me about her.
one day at lunch he decided to put me on the phone with her and I told her, "I know you better than you know yourself."

literally first thing I said to her.
uh... by the way.
my extraverted felling was not all there for me in high school, I am a bit less socially akward now but it was pretty funny at the time.
my friend yanked the phone back all freaked out.

anyway. the girl actaully found me intriguing.
really enjoed talking to me on occasion.
point is sometimes letting our intuitions out makes for some interesting moments in life and I definitly think are good to share once in a while.
as absurd as they may be sometimes. lol.
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