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I just have to share this because it amuses me to no end. My husband, who is a NINE (which makes this story all the better), is especially...Stupid sometimes, but this time it is actually in a really cute way. So background to the story, I collect music boxes. Specifically Christmas music boxes, and I have so many of them that, at Christmas time, I can just scatter them about our home as I please. In fact, I have to in order to make room for them all. So in short, there is a Christmas music box sitting on our bathroom sink that plays, "Here Comes Santa Claus..."
My husband, who has never before seen this littering phenomenon of the music boxes that I do each year (we were just married a few months ago), thought it would be appropriate to use the music box in the bathroom as a timer of sorts for when he was using the bathroom. Number one or two, he didn't care. So now, I'm so serious, he goes in to the bathroom, winds the music box up as tight as it will go, and does his business, with the intent to race the music box, to see who can get done first. So I'll know when he's doing his business in the bathroom cuz I'll hear this Christmas musical tinkling of the box from inside the bathroom. (Not to mention his tinkling...) And he feels so proud of himself when he finished before the music box stops, and so dissapointed when the mucis box beats him to the finish. (Usually happens on a number two.) Anyways, he is really good about doing this every time he goes in that bathroom, so I know what I'll be listening to this Christmas season. I thought it was so funny. Still do. Everytime I hear that song crank up, I just about die laughing. And I'll know before he's emerged, if he won the race or not. Either I'll hear the toilet flush while the music is still playing and he yell, "YES!" or I won't hear anything but the music box, then all of the sudden the music box will just stop and I'll hear, "DAMN IT!" So I don't really have to ask about the race when he's done.
Just wanted to share this because I know that others will appreciate the jovial way my husband goes about performing his bodily functions as much as I do. (Ok, maybe not quite as much as I do, but still...You'll at least kind of like this story...) I sure do love the big lug. He is one zaney NINE, and I can't believe I was so blessed to snag him up all for myself. :)
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