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So not to beat around the bush, I'm 5'5 and to be honest I don't know my weight anymore but it's definitely over 200lbs (I'd be extremely surprised if it wasn't) I haven't touched a scale in well over a year. I've been over weight since atleast 11 and have never been able to motivate myself longer than a day to exercise. I wouldn't say it's due to exercise itself, more of a social interaction thing. I'm afraid of even walking my safe neighborhood because I'm afraid the neighbors will see me and judge me. Obviously this is among the many reasons why I don't go to the gym either. Another thing is eating healthy. I'm the only person who cooks in my house and that's only a few times a week because of lack of motivation and lack of food most of the time. I can't drive because of motion sickness and I can't buy indoor equipment because I don't have money.

Are there any suggestions for indoor exercises without the use of expensive equipment (I'll probably only get to spend about 50 dollars over the course of every 3 months). How to get motivated to atleast expose my skin to sunlight for maybe some walks. Also with cooking, I feel like anything that takes more than 15-20 minutes to make is too long. I'll try to work on extending that time :crying: but for now does anyone have any healthy recipes that take 15-20 minutes to make?

I'm really really sorry if this seems like nothing but an incurable case of laziness but... the idea of people seeing me as I am now just makes me want to cry and the only suggestions I even got from doctors was to walk outside if nothing else. Not even a program suggestion or diet suggestions were given to me other than "Don't eat fast food" as I still wanted to at that point.

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I've been through social anxiety disorder for many years so I totally feel you in the fear of going out department. It took some serious therapy work for me to get over it, but it worked wonders.

Now, about your weight. I suggest you go through a period of 1-2 weeks where you write down and measure everything you eat and drink. Then, use a site like to make an estimation of how much energy you are taking in and become more aware of how much energy your food contains.

Basically, to lose weight you need to eat below your total energy expenditure. Your TDEE with your age, height, weight at 200 pounds is about 2000 kcal per day. Your Basal Metabolic Rate (the energy your body needs for all basic functions -not movement) is about 1600 kcal. You could eat at 1600- 1700 kcal for very decent, safe weight loss.
Since you need to adapt your daily life around making your own food and eating better, I suggest you firstly focus on getting used to that without worrying too much about weight loss for a little while.
Baking meat and fish is usually quite fast, i.e. low-fat steak or chicken that you can combine with rice or boiled/mashed potatoes.
All-recipes is a good site Quick and Easy Recipes -

PM me so we can talk about your habits and I can give you a plan (i'm a dietitian).

Don't worry too much about exercising, it can seem like a huuuuge mountain in the beginning. Walking is enough at this point, you'll have to find a way to do it without worrying about what others say. Do it at night at this point if it will help you.

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One word: Willpower.

You want a better condition? Do something.
You want to lose weight? Eat less.
You want become more active? Make a schedule.

I know you are looking for 'easy ways' to get to where you want to be, but there isn't such a way. Everything you want to achieve requires hard work. If you do not have the willpower to act, you will never reach your goals.

Look at yourself in the mirror and comment on everything you don't like. This is painful and it should be. Now that you know what you want changed, make a list of things you have to do to get the desired result. Then make a schedule you have to stick to without whining or complaining. Every time you are about to give up, repeat the things you hate about how you are now.

Losing weight is the easiest thing in the world. It even saves you money!
I eat 8 slices of whole wheat bread with chicken/turkey breast every day. Add cucumber/lettuce for extra taste.
Peanut butter can be used to break up the monotony, but it contains a lot of fat so use it sparingly.
Drink only water. It might lack taste at first, but after a few weeks/months, you won't even like drinks with sugar anymore.
Important: NO SNACKS, AT ALL. No cookies, candy, icecream, chips, NOTHING.

For dinner, you have quite a few options: Spaghetti, kale, spinach, endive, kidney beans, etc.
Ofcourse you can add something like a smoked sausage to the kale, for instance. However, don't overdo it with that.

This diet is so low on fat/sugar that unless you eat fat food for dinner every day, you will instantly start losing weight.
For exercising, just do pushups and situps. Pushups can be done on any surface, while (if you don't have equipment) situps can be done on the bed or couch. If possible, get some weights. I've found weightlifting to be excellent for both strengthening the body and for burning calories.
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