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I agree about the awkward, tiresome online dating or any other kind of "getting to know strangers" by having a blurb and photo: both chosen/frozen.

In person, we can observe how the other responds to something unexpected such as a meal being delivered late or missing what was ordered, or to a sudden thunderstorm, or any number of real-life, here/now experiences that would draw out a spontaneous reaction or response; it is the same with the other observing us.

There is a "feeling along", a kind of groping in the dark that gets aided by a particular kind of light in person, which is missing online.

There's that, and then the artificial matching of likely candidates, dating someone based on descriptions and such? Heck, [my husband] and I would have passed each other by, and damn fast, too. What a pity that would have been.

I'm glad we met as we did: A co-worker of his kept pressuring him to come meet me (I knew nothing about it until after we met) because he thought I was my future husband's type. He resisted until rundown he decided to shut the man up, came, saw, talked, asked me out, and here we are [decades] later:

Happy with each other, truly best friends and some kind of intimate I can't precisely name; perhaps something close to the earliest meaning of agape...
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