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I did one of these before, but I've realised some things since then so I feel like I should try this again.

0) Is there anything that may affect the way you answer the questions? For example, a stressful time, mental illness, medications, special life circumstances? Other useful information includes sex, age, and current state of mind.

Oooh boy, I've been telling myself I'm not going to bring this up when it comes to this topic but it's hard to when there's an undeniable influence. But I think I've noticed a tendency of people wanting to type characters/people who have a childhood background of abuse or neglect or [insert whatever else here] as I did as Si-doms. And I did seem exceedingly introverted for almost all of my life so far (going to add in here - I'm in my early 20s), but a lot of that seemed to be just me protecting myself by trying to basically be invisible and not talk to people because people ='d "danger" in my head for the most part. And it worked very well. I almost never had any problems with anyone, nothing that without my background justified being so afraid of everyone.

1) Describe us a time where you had a lot of fun. How is your memory of it?

An acquaintance of mine used to take me out driving late at night. They seemed to have better knowledge of the town and I liked that and I liked how it helped me know the area better. One night we went out playing Pokémon Go with a group of people and it ended with us having to walk back to our cars in the rain.

2) When you want to learn something new, what feels more natural for you? (Are you more prone to be hands on, to theorize, to memorize, etc)

I'm too impatient to sit down and watch tutorials for something. I just want to already know how to do it.

3) How organized do you think of yourself as?

I've had a history of being bad at it and I want to do better at it. I like the image of being "organized" and I think it'd benefit me and I'd like to have more self-discipline. My level of organization seems to be affected by my environment. If I'm in an environment that I like, I'm better at keeping it up. If I'm not, I probably will leave clothes on the floor for months.

4) Do you find harmony by making sure everyone is doing fine and belonging to a given group or by making sure that you follow what you believe and being yourself?

The 4 in me would probably not want to say it but I think the 6 in me might like belonging to a group more than I would care to admit.

5) It's Saturday. You're at home, and your favorite show is about to start. Your friends call you for a night out. What will you do?

I would always choose to go out rather than stay in. I could watch the show any time I choose later, but rescheduling for going out somewhere is harder and I wouldn't be able to do so whenever I want because of their schedules. Going out feels like a better use of a day of my life and more beneficial to my mental health.

6) How do you act when you're stressed out?

I lose confidence in having any ability to cope with the world. I freeze up. I get more irritable and critical and cynical. I put off doing anything I'm stressed out over or uncertain about and if I do decide to get it done, it's usually with help from someone else. I feel less content with solitary activities and unproductivity and want to get outside and hangout with a friend.

7) Do you jump into action right away or do you like to know where are you jumping before leaping?

For a university I wanted to go to I followed a bunch of twitter accounts having to do with it to see what it was like there. Joined facebook groups (but only lurked) having to do with the town it was in. Would ask someone I knew who went there questions about what it was like. Lived there for a couple months before going. I get anxious about the idea of being in new situations but usually it goes fine once it's actually happening and puts me in a better mood than I had anticipated.

8) Is there anything you really like talking about with other people?

I like gossip. I'm aware it might seem shallow and stupid, but I do. A lot of the time about public figures, but other times about people that we know or are in the same community with. I guess I just want to know the community inside-out and I like to know what's going on underneath the surface or behind closed doors. I'm also really interested in the subject of manipulative, dysfunctional people, corruption, politics, etc. This past month a lot of people have been getting exposed for things they've done and it might as well be Christmas for me.

9) What kind of things do you pay the least amount of attention to in life?

- I'm not very concerned with "things" or how the natural world works. I don't have the mind of a scientist.

- Being able to keep up with facts and factual correctness seems to be one of my weak spots.

- As someone who used to be known as being the "artsy" kid and was known for being a unique dresser, I've had a history of being oddly unconcerned with aesthetics. No decorating my room, no customizing much of anything I owned, up until recently never bothering to change my phone's homescreen from the default, and I have no interest in art these days unless it's photography or film. I have started to get more interested in maintaining my appearance than I ever have been before, but admittedly it's at least 50% socially influenced.

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My immediate reaction is ISTJ. You just sound so much like the ISTJs that I know.

As for a more analytical approach, you clearly seem to be on the Te-Fi axis to me. That probably doesn't mean a whole lot and you probably knew that, but it's a start.

There is plenty of Si scattered about as well. Many references to the environment and its effect on your personal state. But of course, wait for more responses.

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I could maybe see the Si part. The Te-aux part is what puzzles me. Then again, Te, and while we're at it Ti, are the functions I'm least familiar with so I'd be less likely to see it in myself anyway because of lack of knowledge about it. What I've heard of it seems foreign and unlike me.

edit: Now that I'm more awake...

Could what people have seen as Si actually be inferior Se?

"When Ni is not functioning in a healthy manner, Ni-doms will be more prone to overlooking important details or failing to adapt their vision to changing circumstances…"

The last time a semi-long-term plan of mine ended up not happening, I was completely emotionally messed up for a whole month afterward. There definitely was a severe lack of adapting there.

"Proper Se desires full freedom to pursue new experiences and is completely comfortable with seeing external reality as having no boundaries, limits, structure, or personal meaning. This can create an underlying sense of anxiety in Ni-doms because Ni fundamentally requires a firm sense of structure, direction, and meaning. Thus, when Ni becomes overextended, Ni-doms may exhibit somewhat desperate attempts to impose artificial structure on the external environment as a way to generate meaning and purpose for themselves and defend against the chaotic and shapeless nature of Se."

I used to know someone who would like to talk about wanting Universal Basic Income (? or whatever it was), jobs becoming automated, things like that, and I hated him talking about that because it was horrifying to me and made me feel anxious and sick.

There's more in that link that I could say seems fitting for me, but I don't want to make this overly long. And I did look at the one for inferior Ne, too. It doesn't seem as good of a fit for me.

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I chose not to answer some of the questions for the sake of making this slightly, only slightly, less painfully long.

Section 1

Pick any picture you like - tell us about it. Below are two websites to help find one - feel free to choose anything you want, though.
Random Image Prompts

So there's a shadow of a person walking by - and my first instinct was to assume they're a threat. Then I realise they're probably not, but I like the idea. I like the colors that are in this picture. This is a place I'd like to be. It reminds me of what I mentioned in 1).

Pick a word, any word - brainstorm - whether it's just words that spring to mind, or ideas, or memories, whatever - just brainstorm for a while. No restrictions. Below is a link for a random word, if it helps.

Sabor - Spanish. Means taste. The phrase "beauty and rage". All the keywords and things that are associated with Neptune as a symbol: illusions, fog, dreams, the subconscious, deception, confusion, addiction, glamour, mystery, identity issues. I've thought before that it'd be a really good name for a club if it isn't already. Preferably one with blue or maybe pink lighting.

Write a short story - feel free to freestyle, or use the picture you chose as inspiration, or the results from your brainstorm, or all of the above, doesn't matter. Just write a short story. Below is a link for writing prompt ideas.

Nah, I'm not going to write a story from scratch. I don't even want to write a story. Here's a couple lines from an old poem instead.

Your fingertips
are turning blue
like a flame
Your internal thermometer’s
glass has shattered
and none can tell
whether you fume or freeze

Through the quickly burning flames in your eyes,
watch them carry your tired and worn-out body away

How did you approach writing your story? Provide as much detail as possible with regards to your writing process.

I think I was trying to go for something more show, don't tell. Like the difference between saying "She was sad" and "A tear was rolling down her cheek". I wanted to be more imagery-focused and sensory and do that instead of saying in very plain and direct language what I was getting at.

Section 2.

Describe your verbal communication skills, your written communication skills, and your body language.
Feel free to go in-depth. If possible, detail your natural communication and body language preferences in various circumstances - with friends, with strangers, at work, in one-on-one situations, in group situations, personal, impersonal, that kind of thing. If anything irritates you about how others communicate, talk about that too.
The more information, the better.

Not outwardly emotionally expressive, I've been told I only seem comfortable around people I know. I'm not private about anything negative that happens to me, but I tend to discuss those situations and emotions in a detached way and never really let go unless it's with someone that feels special to me. I've not really had any complaints about my communication skills with my friends. I've been told I'm hard to read by someone before, but one of those "special" people to me has told me before that they thought the opposite of me. To go with that, I can remember times where I was around that person and I'd be consciously trying to be more expressive, so it makes sense to me that they said that.

I was once told that my communication skills were "pretty good for someone who stays home so much".

How do you prefer to make decisions, solve problems and/or puzzles?
Run us through your entire process - use specific examples, if possible - some ideas for your answer -
what questions do you ask yourself, if any? What goes through your mind? What do you take into account? What could alter your decisions? Are you comfortable with making a decision and settling on it? Do you like being able to change your decisions, after you've made them?

I guess I could use games as an example here. I like to play games that have choices, rpgs, but I never go back and replay them - unless I'm playing as the same character I created again and am wanting to go back and record scenes and tweak their physical appearance and make choices that fit their personality better. I'm fine with just having one playthrough and not going back and exploring the other choices or playing as another new character. I notice I often don't have the same complaints as other people when they feel like their choices didn't matter enough in the end because for me, I just care about the experience and using the choices to define a character.

Detail a time (or times) in your life when you felt at your absolute best - when you didn't feel any kind of anxiety, when you didn't feel judged, when you felt appreciated for who you are, when you felt at your most creative, when you felt like "you".. you get the gist. You at your best, tell us about it.

I once had to read something I wrote for an event. I don't think it would be unreasonable at all to say I did the best job out of everyone who read. I had one person tell me that they loved my writing, another said it was "powerful", and I think another suggested to me to try acting.

Section 3

What is your idea of a perfect world?

I feel like I know the kind of answer that is typical for a question like this and I'll get to this in the question below.

What is your idea of hell on earth?

A world with no conflict, where everything is peaceful and goes right. I think this would destroy a lot of people's mental stability completely. People need conflicts to solve.

Section 4

Do you find yourself engaging in the sounds, colours, textures, scents and tastes of your environment - i.e, enjoying what you are currently experiencing, most of the time?

I don't think so?

Do you seek common ground, when faced with new situations - thoughts like "this is like _____" or "this is similar to _____" - something that will stabilise the current situation and turn it into something more comfortable for you?

I don't think so?

Do you find you have a strong sense for how things 'should be', even when faced with something unfamiliar?

I don't think so.

Do you actively engage in promoting a harmonious atmosphere - be honest with yourself, this includes being a conflict-averse introvert.

I mean there have been times where I've broken that harmony. I once had these three other friends and two of them complained to me privately about something the other friend was doing. But neither of them were doing anything about it so I took it upon myself to confront the other friend after they did something and I felt pretty angry about what they did.

Do you actively seek to connect with other people, and do you make use of social niceties in order to interact with people more smoothly - to make them feel validated, accepted, comfortable? - this includes regular use of "please", "thank you", etc.. general social niceties.

Depends what "connect with" means exactly. Because I usually don't get very emotionally close to people. If it means seeking people out and talking to them… Then there was a time within the last year where I was heavily involved in a community and made sure to personally talk to quite a few of the other people involved.

Do you try to win others over to your point of view, in debates, arguments or just chit-chat in general?
I.e seeking agreement from the other person. Have a real think about this question, and be honest with yourself.

I'm going with what's there presently, and what's there presently is the opinion they're holding. Until proven otherwise, until they actually demonstrate a change, my assumption is it'll stay forever as it is at that moment. Which is a complicated way of saying no, I'm just there to state my views. I might see myself as being sort of a representative of other people who have the same opinion.

Do you comfortably juggle multiple possible options in your mind, when problem solving? Do you find yourself exploring each of them - entertaining any possibilities that may arise from them, and enjoy envisioning scenarios where these might play out?

This doesn't sound like me. Or at least I'm assuming it isn't.

Do you have a tendency to organise the world around you? Is it important for you to be in an orderly environment?
This might manifest as a preference for predictability - consider these questions on a smaller scale than what might be in your mind - i.e. is it important that the knifes go in the knifes slot, that the Nintendo games go where the Nintendo games go, etc..

I would say it'd be important for me to be in an orderly environment because of what I said about my organizational skills, and also how well I take care of myself, depending on the environment I'm in. Messy and/or unstructured environments are the ones I've spent most of my time in, so I'm sure that's affected how I view myself.

Is it important for you to define things in your head?
This might manifest as googling words you've unfamiliar with so you actually know for sure what you're reading, or it might manifest as a preference to completely understand something to the point you can explain it to others in a simplified manner - born out of the precise definitions you've crafted in your mind.

This is something I've wanted to be better at before.

Is it of high importance to you, to understand all of the pieces of a puzzle.. or all of the information you're given, before coming to a decision or a conclusion about anything?
This might manifest as a tendency to hesitate when coming to conclusions or decisions as you don't feel you fully defined, or understood, all relevant information yet.

I'm prone to conjecture and like the challenge of coming to a conclusion based off of limited information.

Section 5.

Choose 5 images that strike you as meaningful in some way, from wherever you like, and post them up.
This is for visual typists to go to town on.

How about 4? I don't know about "meaningful" but...

(Last three pics are mine.)

1. Oh boy, I'm definitely not the first to like the Blade Runner aesthetic.

2. Someone accidentally left the water on so this ended up happening. I guess I'm reminded of what it might mean in a movie if something like this happens. Something overflowing, emotions overflowing (water = emotions), something going wrong, a household breaking down. Plus it looked cool.

3. Waterbending.

4. Alien vibes.


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