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Hello everyone!

I've just recently become a member of the Personality Cafe website and this is somewhat intimidating as I've never been part of a public forum before.

I find it rude to be a guest in this lovely house, swiftly introduce myself and immediately proceed to use this membership as a vessel for re-affirmation of my identity. So I apologize in advance if I come off as advantageous, but I really don't know where else to turn. I think it would be far more beneficial to post a video of myself, but I won't be doing that seeing as I am a very self-conscious and private individual. But if you indulge me, I would be most thankful to you all!

Mine is a question that is not unfamiliar to many of us in the typing community: what type am I really?

It's relatively easy to spot out functional preferences in others (assuming you've acquired some level of proficiency in typing) but oh, how difficult it is to type yourself! And how infuriating it can be to be lingering in the shadows of uncertainty! I have a more-or-less idea of what type I am, but since self-doubt and intellectualization has made me feel very detached from my own processes, I resort to you fine people for elucidation.

I've tried to wear each type as a "coat" and determine which is the "best fit". The problem is that it's easy to find commonalities between yourself and any of the 16 psychological types you choose to espouse/examine. So then one may opt to relate to a person/celebrity/whatever that may share "your type", and see if anything they say resonates with you. However, the plot thickens when you try to relate to people who are more differentiated than perhaps you are. You may be an INFP relating to another "INFP" (who is actually an ESTJ) simply because he/she is extraverting his/her developing tertiary function. But let's put differentiation and types aside for a bit; I believe what you experience is not that far removed from even those that are diametrically opposed (functionally/behaviorally speaking) to you. In other words, we can relate to one another more than we care to admit. That can be very humbling, I think, but also confusing if you want to identify yourself via others. Sometimes I wonder if typology is alienating us more than perhaps it was intended to. However, I'm not here to critique typology (seeing as how I am very fond of it), but at times it does make me question my identity and that leads to frustration.

I tried to make this post as unfiltered as possible--trying to make myself as transparent as I can without stating any behavioral/psychological preferences to make it easier for you guys to type me (if that is even possible). I would love to relate some past experiences or personal proclivities in order to shed more light as to what type I may be, but I fear I may distort these images due to my functional bias (whether or not said functions accurately represent what constitutes my psychological makeup). You don't have to do this for me. I don't want to impose. But maybe, having an outsider's perspective on what type they think I am, may shed some light on information that I've never considered before.

Thank you all in advance. For both those that reply and those that took time out of their busy lives to read this--as the title clearly points out--nonsense. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. I realize I've been quite terse in this post, so it's entirely understandable if you want more info.

Thank you all once again.

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Other people are individuals, and comparing yourself to those individuals won't help you with typing yourself.
i find it easier to peruse through descriptions on the internet, from type to it's own functions, while taking the myerrs briggs test to narrow the types down from 16 to 3-4.

I recommend once you do find the few types you have, watch some of Micheal Peirce's Youtube videos. His voice is monotone, but his descriptions are clear, and his Function and type videos helped me a lot when finding out about my own type.

All and all, MBTI is just a measure of how your brain processes and judges things. You could be a very different person compared to someone else of the same type.

i can't really gauge your type from the description you've given, since you haven't said anything about yourself.
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