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Extraverted Sensing. The PoLR (Point of Least Resistance) function of our Socionics equivalent (INTj).

So, Se is supposed to be our absolute weakest, most neglected function:

"We're not in touch with our environments, our bodies, haptic. Obviously that's the lack of Se. PoLR functions are so neglected that even the inferior function seems strong compared to them."
(source: INTP-ness — What does Se PoLR mean in your tags?)

Se, to me, means impossible behavior. Now, I don't admire it, and definitely don't value it highly, but I do have this tiny bit of curiosity about what it feels like to get high on it.

Let me put it this way: I don't want to play ice hockey inside the house, I don't want to roll down the street naked in a shopping cart, I don't want to eat worms, boogers, or worm's boogers. But I do sometimes wish I could be loose like that. I mean, Bam, his Jackass friends, and many other Se doms on this planet, they seem to have legit fun in an entirely different, and perhaps more intense, way than my own.

When I look at Se-doms I realize that I live with my foot on the breaks, constantly - and there is no way to take it off. I just wonder what it would be like to live like... like, that.

[Note: I am not a true believer of the tale of 'shadow functions/types'. But regardless as to whether all 8 functions really are stacked in our psyches, somewhere, or just the 4 (as MBTI purists advocate); the fact remains that, either way, we are confronted with all functions through other people. We observe behavior different than our own, and interact with functions other than our (main) four.]
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