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Fellow ESTPs, what's your favorite option:

  • wine and dine or
  • cooking yourself?
I prefer cooking myself because it's a creative thing with a (hopefully) tasty result. But also the cooking itself is fun for me and I use it as a relaxant after work.

What abaout you? Do you cultivate your inner chef or do you prefer food made by others?

BTW: at the moment my Osso Buco is braising in the oven and the flavor fills my apartment. Yummy! :happy:

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I can cook for myself at times and it's a treat to cook something up without having any specific directions on what to do exactly.
Stir Fry is really easy to cook or whatever and I just put anything in it.
I also know how to make a sandwich, poptarts, eggs, cereal, milk shakes, pizza, omg it's just awesome.
Spaghetti, lobster, shrimp, sushi, rice, beans, watermelon, chicken, fancy ketchup, bananas, plates, napkins, water.

Cooking takes a lottt of time though. And sometimes I forget to eat because I'm busy doing something. (obviously)
And so I go out. Quick and easy. Simple too. All you have is a menu and bam food comes to you.

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I'm all about both options.

As a bodybuilder, I eat LOTS of food. I keep nutritional content hig hand calories low, as at age 36, it's too easy for me to put on unwanted fat if I don;'t control the composition of what I eat. So, I stay on the "perimeter of the supermarket" and buy mostly fresh (lean) meats, fresh fruits and veggies (organic when possible and not too costly), lowfat organic dairy products (because recombinant bovine somatotropin is posion, and tastes like shit, thank you USDA, fucking idiots), and of course whole grain breads from the bakery. With a good blend of whole, raw foods, its not too difficult to whip something together that is tasty, healthy, and even nice to look at. The more color in your dishes, the more micronutrients you are getting from the fruits and veggies.

I don't do this much, but when I do, I tend to order stuff I would not cook at home. You can save alot of fat if you do some simple things. For breakfast, ask that the breakfust sandwich/biscuit/muffin you are buying doesn't get rolled in butter. Eat a double burger with no cheese, upping the protein and lowering the carb ratio, and load it with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, etc. and hold the mayo, that's a good muscle sammich' if ever there was one. Stay away from sodas. Man, it kills me to see people slurping down 5, 6, 7 sodas a day, that stuff goes right to your waist.

Sometimes you can make something that is not exactly "cooking" but fun, like the blonde sangria I made yesterday:

The Australians Know What They Are Doing:
Blonde Sangria!!!
Blonde Sangria Recipe -

VOILA!!! :wink:
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