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To males: are INFP females appealing to you?

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Guys turn, now. :D

EDIT: oh, well, it turns out I forgot to make it a poll.
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So, I'll go first: not really. I mean, it's nice to hang out and all, to have fun together and stuff. But when it comes to a serious relationship, I need a person that is not so much like me. I think I would not stand all the emotions and all the things that come with an INFP.

She needs to fit. I guess I need a girl to complete me.

I don't know if I made it clear. I think she must not have the same flaws I have, for example. We need to fill each other's empty spaces.

Because of that, I tend to fall in love with girls that are more like ISTPs.
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Taking the "we are not all the same" in consideration, I assume an INFP girl can manage to fulfill the requirements I mentioned in my previous post, actually. But this is a slight possibility.

Also, I must say I think I'm destined to suffer a lot because of love, because I always seek girls that are kind of insensitive and different from me. Oh well.
This is hard to admit, but I've always fantasized about a girl dominating me, not in any weird way. But just kind of knowing what she wants and ridiculing me when I am over the top and too insecure. I'd like a girl who is enough self-assure that she doesn't doubt herself anymore than I do, and can tell me to stop being shy and man up! That's the kind of girl that I would most want to be a romantic warrior for. For some reason I am just not that attracted to saving the wide eyed princess, I would rather have a cynical woman who is angry and slightly annoyed with me but still can't resist. I think I lost a little respect for girls who go all gaga on me because I never feel the same way about myself. I want someone who expects more of me.
You pretty much said everything that's on my mind! I also fantasize about being dominated (maybe also in the weird way... wait, what? oops, forget it) and I want someone who is angry and expects more of me. But still not being able to resist me. It's almost the dream of my life.

I need to evolve. I need to learn different things, different perceptions and points of view. I need someone to make me want to break rules and conceptions. There is smaller chance I can do that with INFP girls. It's more likely I would be kind of conformist and stagnant with an INFP girl.

I gotta say, though, if I found an INFP who could bring me all the things described above, it would be an awesome experience.

By the way, AllorNuthin, I hate to break this up to you, but I'm not a girl. So, I'm not the girl on my avatar (I wish I were, though). hehe
But yes, sou brasileiro. I see you're somewhat interested in brazilian culture or something, that's nice.
So, you're looking for someone to help transform you?

Hmm, nice question.
Maybe. It's not like I want to be, in the future, completely different from what I'm now. I just want someone who can help me be in constant evolving. To me, life is a constant process of evolving and "changing". I can't be stagnant.
btw dary do you know that girl or is that just how you like your women to look..:tongue:
Ah, no, I don't know her, unfortunately.
It's not like she is representing how I wish my women to look, but I sure would like a woman that looks like her. :laughing:
It's a random picture I found one day, but I really like her.

By the way, there is one thing I didnt mention in this thread yet. There is this INFP girl who attracts me A LOT. Like, really A LOT. And I'm talking about both emotional and sexual attraction. She really fits me.
1 - 6 of 34 Posts
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