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To males: are INFP females appealing to you?

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Guys turn, now. :D

EDIT: oh, well, it turns out I forgot to make it a poll.
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i think he problem can be that most of you are all type 4s and two type 4s isn't the best pairing unless both are healthy. me i like being the one doing the help, and so far type 6 and type 4 seems like a great pairing, Nasmoe makes me feel so useful and appreciated!
Very true.
I have several infp friends, and they are all completely different. Enneagram and subvariants, and all types of other factors (experience, intelligence\s, values) play a huge role in how an infp 'turns out'. Everybody seems to think all infps' have the same flaws or strengths, for example, and it's not the case. I have no problem doing domestic duties and I never really become overtly negative. I have two infp friends who have endless motivation.
Our other friend is head of a club at university and is super organised (I tend to be as well, when I'm focussed).

We're not all the same by any means at all. Having spent years around several, the differences are immense.
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You pretty much said everything that's on my mind! I also fantasize about being dominated (maybe also in the weird way... wait, what? oops, forget it) and I want someone who is angry and expects more of me. But still not being able to resist me. It's almost the dream of my life.

I need to evolve. I need to learn different things, different perceptions and points of view. I need someone to make me want to break rules and conceptions. There is smaller chance I can do that with INFP girls. It's more likely I would be kind of conformist and stagnant with an INFP girl.

I gotta say, though, if I found an INFP who could bring me all the things described above, it would be an awesome experience.

By the way, AllorNuthin, I hate to break this up to you, but I'm not a girl. So, I'm not the girl on my avatar (I wish I were, though). hehe
But yes, sou brasileiro. I see you're somewhat interested in brazilian culture or something, that's nice.
So, you're looking for someone to help transform you?
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