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To Search The Source; Healing Self Loathing & Doubt.

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So take a moment to look at me,
As if I were out to get you.

Take a moment to believe,
I play a self righteous role.

Take a moment to see,
What you fear to receive,
Into your own mind.

Why do you tell yourself it is true,
With the assumption of the worst?

Breathe out the negative,
Breathe in the positive.

I ask myself this,
I must shake myself of this.

How does one heal self doubt,
Or doubt of others?

Is doubt not a source issue,
To lead to immanent solution?

Doubt comes from fear.
The doubt of confidence.
Well I'm confident in your abilities,
She said.

To build up confidence,
Is to build up trust,
In self or others.

A form of my writing,
I criticize myself,
Critical towards this,
While they say,
Judge yourself just as harshly.

What if I judge myself more harshly,
Than you?

To stabilize self,
To find harmony,
Without grabbing too much attention,
I'd rather turn life into art,
In my mind-
Than a place where hope often dies.

I'm just protecting myself from evil,
Sometimes more afraid than I should be.

I'm not out to get you,
I'm out to get through,
Through the day.

I am no martyr,
But I will be there for you,
Until the end,
Am I really needed?

A pessimistic thought process,
Turns to sought out stabilized processes-
Stabilize perception.

Will you work with me as a team,
Even civilly?

Where my guidance is instinct,
And helping others emotionally,
Is mostly in writing-
Because the things I say out loud,
It's usually not the best sound,
That I can think of,

If you'd like to really understand,
Here I portray what I try to say,
Where do or do not,
Becomes done,
Then moved onto the next one.

Remember to ask questions,
Through what is important to you.

Everyone has a balance they can reach,
What do you really need to know?
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