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A well- a well
A well- a well;
A well
A well
A well.
I fell down a well
Oh well,
I fell
I fell
I fell.
Down a well,
A well, a well,
Down a well,
Oh well.

I dwell and dwell,
My head it swells
It swells! I dwell
I dwell!

Well, I dwell
Oh well, I dwell.
“How are you?”
Well, I am well!
No really,
I am well;
Dreadfully well,
Awfully swell;
Careless as an
Ocean shell.

This well is hell.
Oh hell, oh hell!
I dwell in hell,
And cry blank shells-
And so I yell
“Can you HEAR
me now,
Ubiquitous mother cell?”
I yell and yell
down the well I fell,
Appeals are wasted brain cells
In this ceaseless well,
I have come to know well.

Oh hell,
Burn down the cells!
Ring the primordial bell,
And ring it well.
The sea so swells
A green heavy swell,
I know it well;
I see it rising
In the well.

The icy well swells,
And still I fell.
The swell comes near,
Oh dammit, oh well?
Let me fall.
Waves do what you will,
Oh waves, you do have mercy still!

No! yield not now, oh
Wont you sound the bells?
Ring them louder! For they quell.
For they quell!
Oh, yes they quell,
Oh the bells they quell the hell,
They quell the darkness of this well!
Ring them louder,
Ring them louder,
RING them louder,
Do it well.

Yeah, ok, the rhyming is totally out of whack. I wrote this a while ago, and I don't want to try and 'fix' it. I just want to preserve the moment in which I penned it.

Anyway, I have dragged this out for some time :p but bye pc, you have been very good to me. I have learned so much, and have met some very groovy people indeed. Now, what are you waiting for? go and live. You are after all, in this moment, still breathing, still alive. If there's one thing I've learned in life, it's that "it truly isn't over until the fat lady sings". That means, if you're not a regular opera goer, then your odds of a 'game over' are pretty low :-D
PS. Do me a favour, and don't respond to this entry.Instead of replying, go for a long walk.
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