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So, last day of high school for me today ever. We had our school prizegiving and it was pretty cool, everyone was all dressed up and stuff.
I always thought when this day came I would be able to escape from all my peers and have a fresh start which I was looking foward to so bad. I have 2 semi (?) -close male friends (whom I had known in the past but only became friends with this year, rest of my friends left school) and I got on well with everyone else, my schools quite small. I've always thought of myself as some sort of burden at times, and like I didnt really fit in and stuff (just the usual paranoia). On that note I was looking foward to leaving school and having a fresh start and not being a burden and getting away.
the next part of my story:
I got dux and stuff and one of these friends mothers had made me a sort of necklace but out of lollies (I suspect this friend has similiar type functions as me btw). It wasnt much but I was real touched. I sort of thought, "wow, this friend of mine actually cares about me enough to tell his parents about me and they've gone and made me this necklace which they gave to me". they also gave this kind of necklace to some of the families relatives as well. makes me wonder just how well he described me.
I dont know, this sounds so petty but it has triggered the ultimate Fi moment. I no longer feel like a burden but like I have true friends. and with feeling like I have true friends I feel loved, its a wierd feeling, I'm having trouble getting to terms with it.

before I wanted to get away but now things are different.
Man, Im gonna miss high school :sad::sad::sad::sad::sad: (if I could cry I would) :crying::crying::crying::crying::crying::crying::crying::crying:
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