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Top 5 Characteristics
-Romantic "ineptibility" . . . so I can show him a couple things. ;)
-A little uptight so I can loosen him up.
-General goodwill and sweetness... Protective! Treats me like a lady!
-Tolerant and helpful with my emotions and whims.

Top 5 Physical Features
-Tall is nice, but not necessary. (I am 5'11")
-An attempt to be physically fit, though I understand that family genetics are different.
-Any hair color.
-Any skin color.
-Any eye color. (I'm not picky if his characteristics are in the right place.)

Top 5 Dislikes
-Flirtatiousness with other women.
-Unwilling to listen to anything I say.
-Extreme sarcasm.
-Expecting me to fit into his ideas of the girl he has idealized.
-Arrogancy, or talking me down.

Top 5 Desires
-That he would be crazy about me.
-We could explore both the physical and intimate world.
-That he would be a man's man so I could be a lady's lady.
-That, no matter what, we would stick together.
-He would show me how to shoot his gun and drive his truck.

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Top 5 Characteristics
+ Kind
+ Enthusiastic about things
+ Able to take a joke
+ Not taking himself too seriously, not clingy
+ Artistic, creative

Top 5 Physical Features
+ Tall
+ Dark
+ & Handsome
+ Nice hands and fingers
+ Confident (is a physical feature! :p)

Top 5 Dislikes
+ Clingy
+ Pessimistic
+ Mean
+ Unsympathetic
+ Overly emotional

Top 5 Desires
+ We would balance each other
+ He would trust me
+ He would be patient with me and respect my personal space
+ He would get along with (most of) my friends
+ He would be able to keep me occupied

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Lullaby said it great, but I'll still have a go...

- has a passion (doesn't matter what it is...I wanna know that you care about something(s))
- confident
- open-minded, world aware, non-judgmental
- intelligent (street smart/book smart/people smart...doesn't matter)
- has a sense of humour (the quirkier the better) :tongue:

Physical Features:
- Not shabby
- Good hygiene
- Owns his style (whatever it is)
- I like beards (but it's definitely not necessary) :proud:
- I like darker features, but again, I don't really care

- Clingy
- Overly emotional
- Cruel
- A pushover (there's a difference between disliking conflict and completely not standing up for yourself)
- Treats his friends and family badly

Desire (in relationship):
- Balance
- Maturity
- Fun
- Honesty/trustworthiness/straightforwardness
- Adventure

Subterranean Homesick Alien
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Preferable traits in my potential partners

Har har, more discrimination :wink:
My sexual preference is females, but I want to respond to this anyway.

>>Why are my posts always the wordiest?! :dry:

Top 5 Characteristics
-Confidence. I like confidence, but not arrogance. I just like someone who can speak their mind and defend their point. I like someone who knows what they want and goes for it with confidence in their abilities.
-Creativity. Creativity is a huge turn-on. I don't mean just artistically, but creativity in general.
-Open-mindedness. I like someone who isn't completely stubborn or closed to outside perspectives and ideas.
-Intelligence. Intelligence is great. I want someone who's interesting, interested, and able to speak in depth on certain topics.
-Originality. I want someone who is their own person and is not afraid to show it.

Top 5 Physical Features
-Nicely shaped buttocks. I don't like flat-asses :crazy:
-Breasts. I don't care about the size, just the overall flow of the body.
-Big eyes.
-Nice abs.
-Cute mouth.

Top 5 Dislikes
-Close-mindedness. That goes at the top, k? :dry:
-'Stuck-in-their-ways-iness'. Slightly different that the first one.
-Dispassion. I prefer people who have things that they care about and put their hearts into, somehow.
-No sense of humor. I need someone who I can laugh with and share good times with. I also appreciate sarcastic humor. I can usually play off peoples' humor pretty well, so I really notice people who can surpass me haha.
- People who concentrate so much on things that don't matter that they forget to live life.

Top 5 Desires

I want someone who is strong and honest. Sometimes I can't take honesty, but it helps me grow. I want someone who is straightforward so that I know I can trust their word and not have to constantly wonder. I want someone who is emotionally stable and won't smother me. I want someone who I can have interesting and in-depth, one-on-one conversations with. I want someone who is receptive to my ideas and point-of-views. I don't really want someone who will have pity on me when I have a problem, but rather someone who thinks clearly and rationally enough to know better.

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Yay, thanks for the undiscrimination!
Psh Nyx, no one likes lesbians. You should know that. :wink:

Top 5 Characteristics
- Nice. No controlling selfish manipulators assholes and *insert a bunch of words that 7th grade gangsters say*
- Fun! Joke-y! No boring people allowed. =P
- Must not be a serial killer:unsure: And no animal cruelty!
- Has that "I dont know what" thats so charming and adorable and gshsoiyhs.
- Original. Not one of those fail-fake-originals who dye half of their hair in blue, wear big glasses to look original and seek attention. No just like deep inside their heart original :D
- 6th: That supports my nonsense blather.

Top 5 Physical Features

- I love the hair that goes that way or
- Tall, but not a giant o.o
- Muscular, but not too much :p
- Magical eyes. Theres no way to explain it but I hope you get it!
- No pale skin with dark hair!
- 6th(im such a rebel o_O): Not super feminine.

Top 5 Dislikes
- Attention seeker.
- Typical cool popular jerk guy
- Work obsessed
- Nerd. (As in only talks about World of Warcraft or Halo and says words like "noob" "pwned" irl)
- Egocentric (this is absolutely the worst thing to have!)
-6th(to keep being rebel): Close-minded
Top 5 Desires

- Complete each other
- So I wouldn't want someone who is exactly like me
- Would also like to live crazy adventures! xD
- Honest but not brutal
- He would have a purple car. Purple cars are freaking cool.
-6th(lolololololol): Umm...Chad Michael Murray ! :D

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Top 5 Characteristics
- spontaneity. he has to be game to do things like driving to the middle of the nowhere at 2 am.
- a lover of the simpler things in life who doesn't need fancy/expensive stuff to keep him happy.
- roughly the same quirky sense of humor that I have.
- be nice. open-minded. accepting of people.
- intelligence. show me things that I didn't know about before.

Top 5 Physical Features
- tall. we're talking like, a 6' minimum most of the time, but it isn't totally necessary.
- I am a lover of all hair colours, but especially gingers.
- sideburns and beards! and while we're at it, long-ish hair is better. no buzz cuts.
- It isn't super-essential, but preferrably not super skinny. I'd rather a little bit chubbier than be able to see rib bones.
- a good smile and a good laugh.

Top 5 Dislikes
- don't think that you know what is better for me than I do.
- keep the conversation going! ugh. If you don't, then I have to be the one who is always talking, and then I feel like it is all one-sided.
- I guess this is related to the previous one, but don't be aloof.
don't be pretentious. I have probably not read that book you are currently talking about, but don't hold it against me! while we're at it, don't look down on me because I am a giant goof.
- homophobia. it just signals that our core belief systems might not be compatible.

Top 5 Desires
- "get" me. be supportive of my blossoming career. I promise I will be supportive back. :)
- keep me interested. talk about interesting things, do interesting things.
- just be goofy with me! I want to have a partner in crime (figuratively! not literally. haha.)
- honesty is important.
- two words: movie. marathons.

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Top 5 Characteristics
- Charismatic
- Extremely Intelligent
- Sarcastic
- Twisted sense of humor (to match mine)
- Confidence in himself

Top 5 Physical Features
- Not shorter than me (I'm 5'2)
- ANYTHING but bony/skinny
- Er... Not deformed?
- Doesn't dress to match trends

Top 5 Dislikes
- Trying too hard to impress me (It is painfully easy to see)
- REAL arrogance! (My INTJ insists he's arrogant, but then he'll admit to it)
- Refusing to accept help or advice
- Bossiness/Paranoia over who I talk to
- STUPID ANYTHING but stupid, Please dear god

Top 5 Desires
- Kinky
- Not religious
- Able to outsmart/teach me a few things
- Sharing my interests
- Understanding of my moodswings

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Go for it.

Top 5 Characteristics
Top 5 Physical Features
Top 5 Dislikes
Top 5 Desires

1. Integrity
2. Good Heart
3. Open-minded
4. Great Listener
5. Patience- You'll need to be with me. I can be an emotional storm-sometimes.

Physical Features
1. Great Butt
2. Nice Smile
That's it

1. Arrogant
2. Materialistic
4. Liar

1. To Serve God ( since I am Christian)
2. To be fair to all people
3. To love his family- especially me lol.
4. To be honest to himself
5. To grow as a person

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Ok did this without reading so i was not influenced! Here it goes...
Top 5 Characteristics:
1. Sense of humor- has to be able to understand witty, dark humor, as well as roll with the punches and make me laugh! I seriously believe that laughing is natural cure to anything!
2. Intelligent- he dosent have to be a brainiac, but i need someone who has a point of view and can talk to me about interesting topics, movies, books, theories, politics, religion etc. He dosent have to share my exact views but me open to discuss and keep up in conversation
3. Responsible- probably so attractive because I am scattered and generally have issues with mundane and trivial aspects of life, therefore it is hells attractive when a guy has his shit together and can keep me grounded, and does not mind taking care of me
4. Open-minded
5. Sympathetic/Empathetic/Good intentions/Values
Top 5 Physical Features:
1. who dosent dig a rockin bod?
2. good smile
3. smiles with his eyes- ya know that natural spark, if a guy has it i am immediately attracted

Top 5 Dislikes
1. Arrogance
2. Judgmental
3. Over-compensator due to being insecure
4. cares to much what other people think--> caters to what he thinks other want and doesn't follow the beat of his own
5. fear of showing feelings, or expressing emotion
Top 5 Desires
1. finds my quirkiness endearing
2. able to have fun, and make the best out of life and situations aka optimism and enthusiasm for life!
3. interesting, exhibiting a holy curiosity for subjects and the world
4. tactful- understands how to express an alternate point of view without offending people or imposing beliefs onto others forcefully
5. treats me with respect and appreciates me as an equal partner with genuine worth

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Top 5 Characteristics
1. Sense of humor that "meshes" with mine - especially an appreciation of the absurd ^_^
2. Patience O.O - heaven knows anyone who ends up with me will need boatloads
3. Stability - a good grounding point for my flightiness....and a good memory wouldn't hurt for the details I tend to forget
4. Spontaneity - he doesn't have to always be random, but it's always a nice surprise to get an out-of-the-blue announcement to go somewhere fun
5. I don't really know how to phrase it....but I guess just the ability to learn how to "handle" me, I intelligence and wit, maybe? I get crazy moods sometimes and I'm not always the easiest person to deal with, which would make someone who *could* deal with me so nice.

Top 5 Physical Features
1. I'm a sucker for dark hair
2. Intense eyes. Not so much brooding......but expressive....
3. A nice smile >.> I said smile right? Not smirk.... I definitely didn't put smirk....
4. Build isn't necessarily a big issue....but there are parameters, I suppose. I'm a skinny lil too much man could break me in a big bear hug. And too thin would just involve too many pointy angles. I s'pose somewhere in the average range.
5. Height isn't a big deal either....but if he was really, really tall or really, really short he'd have to deal with me laughing occasionally as I considered the absurdity of how we looked together.

Top 5 Dislikes
1. Patronizing. Oh, I hate it soooo much when guys talk down to me. It makes me want to rip out their hair....or maybe their eyes if they're bald I guess.
2. Games. I don't have much patience for alot of games people play with each other during dating. Like giving a girl some space to make her think about you more and get her to be the give me too much space, I'll probably never call again.
3. Criticism. I'm sensitive. I don't like it. It makes me sad. :unsure:
4. Using "advice on another girl" or any other tactic that involves another female to try to get close to me. It doesn't make you look sensitive, thoughtful, or "safe" to be showing interest in another girl then turn around and show interest in me. It makes you look like a fickle jerk. :p
5. Ignoring my friends. Guys....seriously.... If you approach a female, ANY female and she's with friends, don't hone in on one girl like a laser and completely blow off her friends. That's a sure way to see yourself out of that conversation in a hurry.

Top 5 Desires
1. To find someone who I can have fun with, be wild and crazy and into all sorts of kinky things with, and just enjoy spending time with for the rest of my life....even when we're old and our grandkids are horrified at the suggestive winks we shoot each other just to mess with them.
2. To be happy, even if I can't ever settle in on one career and end up nomadic and picking up short-term jobs wherever I go.
3. To travel across europe ^_^
4. TBD
5. TBD

>.> It never hurts to save some space in case my desires change....

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*It's that demeanor glint behind their eyes, their essence that has got to be sweet, optimistic, and fun
Physical Features
*Taller than me
*Kissable lips
*big nose
*Something distinguishing so he doesn't look like everyone else--if I can't pick him out of a crowd, why would he be special to me?
*muscles (but not required)
*Conservative, huffy, set in their ways, grumpy old men
*When people get so obsessed with making plans they never actually do anything
*When you love them so much but they never make time for you
*When they can't have fun
*When they have so many expectations on how I'm supposed to be or what I'm supposed to do
*Partnership, to feel like we're a team
*Good conversation
*To want them around, a friendship in which we can laugh and have fun and be there for each other and be ourselves. I hate being someone somebody else wants me to be.
*To want them around and to have them around.

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I wish our type was easier to please. I feel like the characteristics we want are just so dependent on personality that they are impossible to find. It's almost impossible to tell if you are going to be able to be a partner with someone and feel genuine companionship until you try it. Sigh. And even then, how will you know you've found it for sure. So many guys I date are great until an emotional storm comes out of nowhere like some unseen pressure that had been building about something else entirely and then they are at a complete loss of how to deal with it. I feel like maybe we're only truly compatible with other ENFPs. :(
Not that I dislike ENFPs. I love them but I'm so drawn to the committing nature of judgers. I like their devotion, it makes me feel soft and warm.

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I wish our type was easier to please. I feel like the characteristics we want are just so dependent on personality that they are impossible to find. It's almost impossible to tell if you are going to be able to be a partner with someone and feel genuine companionship until you try it. Sigh. And even then, how will you know you've found it for sure. So many guys I date are great until an emotional storm comes out of nowhere like some unseen pressure that had been building about something else entirely and then they are at a complete loss of how to deal with it. I feel like maybe we're only truly compatible with other ENFPs. :(
Not that I dislike ENFPs. I love them but I'm so drawn to the committing nature of judgers. I like their devotion, it makes me feel soft and warm.
I like enfp, too. But I don't want to date one. I like to date someone who's different from me. It's hard to find a person or personality who can handle us. We are a handful.
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