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I've been looking on this forum for a long time now, but I've plucked up the courage to join! So, hello!
I'm unbelieveably bad at creating introductions but I'll do my best~
I'm an ISFP 6w7, I'm not entirely sure on how my wing changes me generally but I suppose I'll learn that as I go along.
My name is Sam, I'm 17 and I'm a student who doesn't really want to do what she's doing. I have way too many interests and by the sounds of things not very much time to finalize decisions. I think about how young I am but then when I think of my peers knowing EXACTLY what to do, it's a little bit concerning ^^' so I'm dealing with what I have.
I'm an insomniac #04:16am! I don't have any close friends, either. Maybe I'll make some? Who knows.
I like RPG's, but I use them to procrastinate...Hearthstone usually :dry:
I LOVE food, it seems to be my calling. Very much in tune with pasta. I think if I were to ever be a character I'd be Italy from Hetalia simply for the undying unconditional love for pasta.
I'm a Welshie, the land of Sheep and.. leeks and daffodils! I hope I'm sounding positive enough xD oh yeah, and unfortunately I don't really possess the Welsh accent.. Only when I'm rambling. Which sucks a little.
I'm not really sure what else to type, so I hope everyone's having a good day~ :kitteh:

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