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Touching or Creepy?

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tl;dr(or don't want in browser history): It's a dildo(it's part of a kit) with a compartment to put your lover's ashes in.

Would you consider getting one?
What would your reaction be to finding out part of your ashes would be placed in your lover's dildo?
Do you find it more touching or creepy?

Personally, I think this might be the creepiest thing I've came across all year.
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To each their own.

I get the creeps. One doesn't need to save ashes and stick in a valve to stick in twat to honor a memory or intimacy with another person. As far as keeping them close. Because obviously it's to keep them close. Keeping their remains with you in such forms does not change reality. My mom always talks about necklaces with ashes :shocked: even that is creepy to me. Morbid. Whatever floats someone's boat.
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I'm biased but I think that's just another way to cash-grab on loss. I don't think there are many people who would have wished to have a dildo with their loved ones ashes in, by creating this product you create the idea and more people would potentially buy it.

I've lost my father and the amount of exploitation that exists around grief is very irritating. From the church's cash-grabbing with the priest passing around graves saying two words to "bless" the grave and people shoving 5$s and 10$s in his hand to people pay hundreds to thousands here to build elaborate marble graves. One time we were at the cemetery with a cousin and a guy he knew who was making marble graves was there coincidentally and they started discussing how to build my father's grave, even mentioning things like how much he's decayed by now in front of my mother and me without us asking any info or anything. It was the most tactless and offensive thing I've ever seen in my life, all in the name of money. I was shocked witnessing this and did not say anything, but if it ever happens again I'll be forgetting all my manners.
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1. No. I don't see the point in saving ashes. I'd rather burn incense over a shrine.
2. Whatever. I'll be dead.
3. I'm sure it's touching for someone - not myself - but I don't find it creepy, just very ugly.
Well dildos destroys the nerves of your vagina
That's why i throw mine on the trash can
I think it is creepy to masturbate with something dead.. in this case the ashes of a dead person.. I think I would be afraid of having a vibrator that could potentially be possessed of the person which the ashes are remains of....
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**** sapiens
Could be working on solving issues and preventing ourselves from causing the 6th extinction
Finds innovative ways to commit necrophilia
is why the aliens don't visit us
They fly by us
Say "Nope"
Then fly far far away
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I think it's an interesting idea. I find the box itself more interesting but I feel like the ashes inside the dildo are unnecessary but, I don't personally get super sentimental over that sort of thing. If someone that I cared about died, I don't go visit their grave because it's not them that is there, just their body. I feel no connection to it. I have my memory and my imagination to keep the person alive. I believe they live on anyway since i believe in life after death.

That being said, I wouldn't buy one but I could see how it would appeal to someone else - especially if they are of the sentimental variety.

What would your reaction be to finding out part of your ashes would be placed in your lover's dildo?
I can't see him buying this lol (oh wait, do they have one for males? lol) but I honestly wouldn't mind. I don't really find it creepy. Maybe I do find it more touching? But more unnecessary than touching, as I said. I don't see it as morbid really...or any different from visiting a person's grave site where their dead body is. Not any more morbid than that. It's more like creating a shrine and I think that's relatively normal when someone dies.

You know what I find more creepy? On that episode of Black Mirror where the woman's husband dies and she buys a robot that looks like him and can mimic him. You can spend time with it, have sex with it etc. That seems more creepy to me than having a person's ashes or doing a little ceremony to remember them by. But even that I wouldn't really be critical of. People grieve and cope in their own way.
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Creepily touching.
that was worth clicking on just for the pic of the old lady holding a dildo. lol.
That doesn't seem intimate or meaningful at all to me. Also, what if it comes undone or something?
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