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Enneagram is messy, chaotic, blurry, unscientific and subject to OPINIONs. Therefore I find it a fun challenge to nail down my tritype. It requires a different train of thought for me. With this disclaimer presented:


How do I find my "body triad"? What are the differences between 731 'The Systems Builder', 738 'The Mover Shaker', 739 'The Ambassador' ?

Is it just as simple as "this is the casual fit because [whatever]"? The difficulty is I cannot find clarity between 1/8/9. I can't find clear lines in how I function (within the realm of Enneagram-laws). I find I can present all three depending on circumstances.

To make it simple:
I'm a Type 7 because I literally have all its fears, problems and issues. Living to combat the fears. They're always present in my head.

I'm a Type 7w8 because I am highly concerned with underlying power dynamics between people surprisingly instinctual. This is why I believe I'm a SO-dom.

I'm a strong gutty 73#. I have most of its positive traits wanting to achieve for sake of achievement. It's instinct to impact those dealing with me. I want to dictate others impression of me thru RESULTS.
- To do what needs to be done and in a pleasant way, enjoy executing plans, enjoy life, meet goals/expectations -

- To see what's possible and find innovative ways to achieve goals, to manifest your vision from a position of power, to be "doing" -

- To find compassionate/effective ways to create change and bridge differences, to help others become harmonious and develop their potential -

All three can easily be perceived if one allows me to dictate and you follow me for a day.
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