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The types are 9w1, 4w5, and 6w7 to be exact (BTW). But, anywho, hello PerC inhabitants who can benefit me greatly, lend me your ears: I've been debating whether I am a 9w1 (primarily) or a 4w5 and need a couple of opinions on the topic. I'm not quite sure what info I should be giving to allow you guys to help me figure it out so please ASK ME ANY QUESTIONS THAT WILL MAKE THE ANSWER CLEARER because I am quite new to this and am not the most confident in my ability to give the sufficient amount of info. For what I can say on the topic, for the most part, I do knoe that...

- I believe I can be a type 9 because of my general love of peace. When a situation or conversation is on a clear path to awry, I do my best to make it all better. I can also get quite peeved when someone disrupts this peace. I've also heard that type 9s will seperate themselves from too much disorder or emotion when under stress and can be very unaware of their own feelings (which I am). I can get really explosive when an obstinate individual purposefully disrupts the peace "for fun" (heck, even I do it on occasion but I mean the ones who do it ALL THE TIME). I can also get very passive during troublesome times and will dismiss the fact that there was ever an issue if I see that the only solution fit.

-I believe I can be a type 4 because of my need for a sense of individuality being of high importance to me. The main reason I even delve so deep into Typology is to see just how much of an individual I am (I'm a rare INFP?! Whaa?!). Like 4s I can get very moody and (not sure if this is 4-ish) will not compromise how I feel for other people's sake. If I'm not happy, I will not purposefully show that I am upset, but I won't put on a fake smile either. I can also feel the sense of shame and inadequacy 4s do. When I'm driven past my limit, I can let my emotions get out of proportion.

So yeah that's it overall. I don't have much of an issue with the 6w7 but any info on it will be accepted with a smile (virtual of course). If it wasn't pick up on, I'm an INFP believed to be a 9w1 or 4w5 sp/sx. Do help a fellow human clear their mind. Thank you!
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