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Enneagram CP 6 or 8, Fictional Character

I'm actually having trouble identifying a character's Enneagram type. In short, I'm a writer, and this character has given me a lot of grief over his type. He just likes to be complicated, I'm sure of it. Initially I thought he might be an 8, then I moved to thinking he was a CP 6w5, and recently I went back to considering the 8w9. So now I'm stuck between those.

I know there are a lot of discussions about 8's versus CP 6's and I've read many of them, but I still can't quite get a handle on what he might be. I'm wondering if anyone here can help me solidify what type he is. :) I'm not really sure where to start on describing him. He's the strong, silent type, in the most simple terms possible. He's very protective of the key people in his life, very active in trampling threats, but there is one person in particular he feels like he trusts and relies on to make him feel anchored. However, he still has a mentality of being that "pillar of strength". He speaks relatively calmly, but does drive others around him to do their best. He is strategic, and thoughtful, and very protective. He often appears laid back, but can be very intimidating, and aggressive.

(P.S. He's an ISFJ or an INFJ. The results vary on the tests, and sometimes in the moment of his character.)
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