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Yes in some situations, no in others.

I'm reading a book with many interesting points. It is called DNA Is Not Destiny by Steven J. Heine.

He writes about essentialism being wired into the human psyche, and then gives examples of it in himself and specific others as well as groups going far back in time.

So, take the soul and change it to genes, and many people believe we have 'now' some kind of genetic 'essence' we can point to and feel certain of whereas 100s of years ago, the 'essence' was the soul, and Galen or Hippocrates (can't remember which) believed, taught and wrote about 'the humours' (black bile and such).

We see it reflected still in those who ascribe to "melancholic phlegmatic choleric sanguine personalities" when not 'just for fun'; they believe it and assert it about themselves and posit it about others.

And don't forget phrenology when it was bumps on the head and how we could read someone for criminal intent or intelligence and so on.

Keep going with MBTI or enneagram: We humans believe in 'essences' but we don't want to admit it, or perhaps don't recognize it, so we insert a different word, kind of psychological bait-n-switch, genetics for religion, et cetera.

TPBM likes and uses PerC for relaxation and doesn't like to read or write posts that go too deep. "Lighten up" or "Don't take yourself so seriously" might come to his or her mind if a subject doesn't stay light-hearted.
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