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This can be true, but if we are strickly talking about side effects, I want to say false.

One of my childhood dream is to be an interior designer
Good job, sprinkle; it could have been true, but no, I am actually gaining weight, which for me is worse but I am committed to getting off the medications; therefore if I get huge--if I end up there, well, I'll have another taper to complete.

True for you, I'm thinking. It was true for me. When I was 10 I bought Better Homes & Gardens with part of my small allowance and dreamed of fixing up our old house. Instead, I rearranged the living room furniture regularly--did it all myself, and dang, that furniture was heavy!

I don't care much about money, at least not consciously--and I think it was my fundamentalist Christian mother harping on greed, and my reading The Sermon on the Mount and taking it too literally, out of its historical setting.
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