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BranchMonkey wrote: My birth mother arranged my first marriage when I was 15; I was not sexually active nor interested in marrying anyone--certainly not the man she chose for me.
Then GoodOldDreamer responded:

^False. You're too nice to have a mom like that.

Mine's true. My room is a couple feet taller than me, sorry if I gave you the wrong impression. It's small in terms of square feet, but not so much in height.

I'm a terrible liar.

My own was true: My birth mother used her children to do her job(s); when each stopped, she got rid of us (adoption, foster care, reform school), and as she could not send me away to reform school as she had two other of her children--no judge would have bought her story--I was the so-called "good one," she came up with another plan when I refused any longer to raise her children, and for instance, literally wash her feet as though I were her disciple.

Genetics is an interesting gamble, eh?

False for you about lying. I have to say for myself as other professional writers who use the fiction form, "It keeps me out of jail." A joke, but there is some truth to it; we get to make up stuff and it isn't against the law.

I am the oldest of 10 children.

Your own, I believe you. I understand now, renovated hotel--depending on where you live, the ceilings could be quite high; the ones I have stayed in were not.
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