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I don't know if anyone will even reply since this is secondhand, not first hand
She's an 18 yr old INTJ and I'm thinking her tritype is around 1w9, 3w4, 5w6/6w5 in some order

When she was little, she was extremely moody and somewhat hard to get along with. She still tends to be stubborn, but she's put a lot of effort over her years of growing up into improving herself in how she is with other people. She sees herself as naturally lacking compassion and desire to delve into sentimentality, but she sees this as a fault. She can have trouble understanding other peoples' emotions, but she's trying to understand them better, mostly with my mom since she has a lot of emotional problems. If you listen to her talk about how she relates to humans, it might sound very detached, but in action, she seems much more connected. When she was younger, she didn't do these things at all. She seemed to lack care for people for the most part. She tries to explain herself more to people now too in order to connect better. She has various little things she feels she needs to "work on"

Also, when she was younger, she seemed to be into "bizarre" things, anything weird. She used to go out with clothes that made her look like she gave absolutely no shits whatsoever, just born without fucks to give. One time she went out with some hospital scrub pants my uncle got from a garage sale and a blue sweatshirt. She liked to say almost morbid things. I got the idea she liked coming off as weird. And I think that might be where her 4 wing comes in a bit. As she got older, though, she had this drastic switch to a more conventional style. More conventional clothes, more conventional music. I asked why this happened, and she said...'other people like these things, so I just thought I should try'

We're different in that she's more into editing her creations...she accepts peoples' feedback on her poetry and tries to make it more palatable. Poetry and art are special to her, we discuss them a lot, but she's much less into the raw, unfiltered, unedited part of it. I think she appreciates it in others sometimes but she's told me she wants to do something that will have an impact on people, she's not too interested in things that won't have that kind of impact. In other places besides art too. She's studying psychology at university and plans on specializing in workplace psychology, something like that

She has a lot of problems socially, but she's worked on them throughout high school and has gotten to the point where she has a few friends she hangs out with sometimes. But she is much less social than most other kids still. She seems fairly resilient to me. I give up easily, feel hopeless easily, feel like I'm never gonna be able to get over problems, but she sticks to it and works to get over her own. She tries to be social despite admitting most people are stupid and that she can't quite connect to them that well

She's pretty arrogant, but she's also self aware in her arrogance. She says she needs to believe she's amazing and just the best so she keeps going. She puts that idea into her mind. She says it straight out..."I just think I'm amazing and intelligent". She knows her weaknesses and all. I think it's just a fantasy she willingly puts herself into and thinking about it, it probably makes a lot of sense. She's not an asshole, she just wants to do things with her life, she wants tangible achievements. Another thing that points to a 4 wing, the selfawareness

She's been very hardworking since she was a kid. Very focused and deliberate. She also has a problem when there's no structure...she feels she needs some kind of structure for some reason. It makes her feel uncomfortable otherwise, it's how she operates. She says she wishes she could go with the flow more and be more spontaneous a person

Imo, she's very superego, but she wasn't very superego as a child, which means she's probably not a core superego type. It's something she's gained as she's aged. She gets on me sometimes for lacking strong morals and being as apathetic as I am. She identifies with her superego...She say she has strong morals and she doesn't want to break them. She says it in a very self assured way. She's not into social issues, though, it's pretty much directed towards more personal morals or morals that have to do with people she's close to

She's very much into self control and limitation, keeping herself from overindulging. She exercises a lot and eats a controlled diet. She gets her work done on time, though she still says she has problems procrastinating sometimes. She doesn't even understand why I listen to songs over and over again until they sound like white noise for a while

She's pretty awkward with compliments. I get the feeling direct appreciation and admiration don't do much for her

She's extremely intellectual. She's interested in almost everything, she's told me, but she has specific interests in studying humans, sociology, psychology, etc.. I've read some of her thoughts and she's highly abstract, explorative, and thoughtful. She's pretty curious and she likes discussing things with me. She can discuss things in a very detached manner too. She doesn't get worked up about disagreements ever. They just are, they happen. She doesn't mind. She and I often see things very differently at the core, but we have wonderful talks still which is pretty unique. I know she likes them too which says something about her. She's religious, but she accepts my homosexuality and lack of religion, there's another example

I've never seen her snap before in anger. I've seen her have short few second bursts of irritation, but for the most part, she seems to implode rather than explode. That's why she becomes moody and ignores people sometimes. She'll be irritated, but it'll only come out in her tone if you bother her, and that's all it is to her...a bother

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1 is not a bad bet. However, I might consider core 7 as a possibility too, especially if this is an INTJ we're talking about. Not sure about image fixation, I'd have to talk to her directly to determine what I think there. Can't decide on instinct stacking except I think social fixation is clearly in there.

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Triple competence is a good guess. Sounds like 1-3-5 which you already suggested. That's an incredibly detached combo, alien almost. I don't see 7 though. The girl seeks mastery and more focused than the average 7, whose more the jack-of-all trades, over-indulgent, and has a more fleeting quality.

This one's hard. That's some Ayn Rand shit goin' on over there, no offense. :)
If I had to choose, I'd say she's a core 1, with 3 and 5 fixes.
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