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Hey again, I'm very easily bored so I figured I could try to make you guess my parents' type, because I've been constantly trying to get them to understand MBTI and cognitive functions, and I've figured that if they'll get a run-through analysis then maybe they'll consider indulging into it (because a lot of people are self-oriented by nature and probably don't mind reading about themselves), translating also won't be a problem because they've got me.

As for my speculation, I'm of the opinion that my dad is ENXP and my mom is most likely EXFJ. During the paragraphs I will also be trying to pinpoint their functions to help you understand them better lol.

So without any further distractions;

What's my mom like?

I would say my mom is definitely a Fe-dom of some sort. She is capable of being very kind and generous, to the point of refusing to buy anything for herself (clothes etc.), always cares about others' opinions and dictates her answer based on them, and her Fe can be manipulative in certain ways, like when I refuse to give her something (because of actual addiction, not general needs), and she automatically replies with "Well you'll see when you'll want insert thing here and I won't buy it for you!", or when she wants to borrow my clothes but I don't want her to, merely because it's a pet peeve of mine.

To drive off from the topic, she isn't really afraid to say what's on her mind, be it a good or a bad thing, and people usually come for advice from her based on that alone. She's prone to arguing with people if her good deeds are ignored, or if she's upset with their behavior, and for a good reason, obviously, as she tends not to be that assertive and come off as a sort of a doormat, people then get the hint that they can just step on her, but are proven wrong. That being said though, whenever she communicates with me (speaking from experience, obviously I'm not other people :p), she always only talks about her encounters with friends, whether something new happened to them or not etc. or her problems stemming from work.

She sort of has this habit of complaining about the manner of some people, as in, if said person genuinely doesn't care about the well-being of some people, she is quick to disregard them as insensitive or anything fitting to explain her behavior.

She also highlights people's accomplishments and tries to make them feel better, usually through quick motivational speech that you can find in movies, or just plain-out saying their attributes without really thinking about elaborating on them. She likes to think about the future a lot, and how people that she knows will be highly successful in the future, proclaiming that she knows it, based on her hunch. "Efficiently supportive" is the kind of word that could be used to decribe her in various situations for some reason lol.

She pretty much comes off as a social person, more so a popular one, and goes to events only because she needs to have some sort of outlet, as she always says. Talking all day on the phone with her relatives or friends is not a problem for her at all, and she always withdraws herself when she doesn't get enough social interaction, physical stimulation etc. Whenever she's upset, she likes to say that "I'm here only because of you, because you are my daughter.", which really is kind of de-motivating, because I genuinely don't want to be the core of her problems and I'm sure she realizes that, except maybe she regards saying such as a good thing, unknowingly.

My mom is a hopeless romantic, as in, the movie-kinda hopeless romantic, and always wants some sort of 'thrill', or adventure-related concepts, which I fail to understand but alas, I'm only describing my experiences with her. She is also a humongous clean-freak and refuses to believe that the one bottle placed on my desk isn't a mess. She also volunteers and helps others a lot, can be deemed as very hard-working and likes to actively move around, if her efforts aren't appreciated whatsoever however, she'll obviously get mad.

She isn't really influenced by political opinions and stuff like that, and mostly just dismisses it altogether. For example, you'll see her claiming that this politician is the best and that we should be glad we have him, but she barely knows anything about him at all, until somebody else gives some insight on the current situation. In some ways, she could be considered naive, but really it's just because she has no need to have knowledge on these types of topics. She doesn't really pay any attention to detail and is mostly stuck in the past, however, always contemplating about "what could have been different" while sighing.

What she is influenced by, however, is card-reading, horoscopes, and other disapprovable stuff while being fairly religious, as in, not going to a church actively, but believing that there is someone out there "looking at us from the sky", I'm an atheist though, with a slight tinge of eternal return-like philosophy, so I left her point of view unexplored really. I guess my point is that she likes to get indulged into theoretical stuff that can be disapproved of any time of the day, however not the kind you'd find in accurate articles. Along with that, she also exclaims that I'm her one and only gift, then tries to prove so with listing some of my basic accomplishents. She isn't highly imaginative and somehow admires my dad for being the opposite however.

What's my dad like?

My dad likes to debate a lot about current situations in the world, take the government for example. Depending on his mood, he either makes fun of it, takes it seriously and slightly rationally, or tries to educate me on what's good and what isn't, despite me knowing already what I should avoid to lead an average life. He likes to say "Don't be like them, be better." just to give me a slight motivation pattern I suppose. He's a huge history nerd as far as I'm aware, and practically knows almost every event that happened within, or before, the time span he was born in. He has mixed opinions on all sorts of stuff and will mix them together just to create a confusion to contradict his previous answer.

Moreover, I find it more easier to talk with him, mostly because whenever we talk we're either discussing an unexplored philosophy or just trivial psychology, which are two of the things that I tend to gravitate towards. Other than that, we also discuss the future and how matters now will affect it, sometimes he agrees with my opinions but mostly he just debates a lot until he finishes, then lets me speak.

Just like my mom, they both like to be motivation boosters and often end up saying overexaggerated stuff about me, just to make me feel better, which precisely, only makes me feel that they say it for fun, because they are not consistent at all with their answers, neither logical for that matter.

He has a huge group consisting of people that he met, or ones that he's known since his childhood, they all either like to assemble downstairs and have a drinking party, doing all sorts of activities you would see in a stereotypical pub, or they go out and hunt for artifacts with a metal detector, with him being the lead as far as I'm aware. They succeed and he has tons of collectibles to add to his collection at the end of the day. It includes stuff like rare, old, pennies from wars, or simple metallic awards, basically anything he deems interesting. Then he likes to show it off to other people and talk about how it might've been formed.

While alone, he tends to read up on topics seen everywhere, to get general info and keep it in mind, I would presume. There were times where he played famous ballad interpretations on the piano almost every single day and humming them as he ran up the stairs but he resumed doing so lately for some reason, approximately 4 years ago.

He mostly likes creating jokes left up to interpretation, like once when he stumbled into the room and proceeded to recite why czech people say "You're a moll." basically meaning "You're drunk.". He explained it in piano form, then randomly left, humming a random melody. He also likes creating nicknames for people, and much like my mom, he's also pretty hard-working, around the house especially. He'll step up to building a whole shower in about 4 days, except only when it's truly needed, like being in a crisis. If that isn't the case, he usually just contemplates about how he will build something here and there, but never does it. He's not exactly very organized either, but it doesn't seem like he minds.

On the topic of work, much like I stated above, he's very hard-working and will take his job seriously, almost resembling a workaholic in a way, except in a much milder form, he doesn't really sleep that much or eat though, which could generally translate to being one.

He mostly gets along with everyone, being charismatic, spontaneous etc., if they get along with him, or if he doesn't perceive them as "dumb" by his standards. If he does, he'll usually sway towards the ignorant side in their case and might even criticize them or humiliate them without thinking much, to the point of being seen as "emotionless" by the highly emotional individuals inhabiting our house. It pretty much gets resolved in less than 2 days though, then it repeats like a never-ending cycle. :p He's also quick to call people 'stupid' jokingly lol. To add onto this paragraph, he doesn't exactly prefer when somebody tells him what to do, as he's capable of knowing so himself. He is also extremely traditional, so much so to the point of following the stereotypical gender roles assigned somewhen in the middle ages.

Hopefully this helped you enough to type them, and if anything, I'm looking forward to the responses, assuming there even will be any in the first place. :D Also, if you're not particularly knowledgeable on cognitive functions or themes surrounding it, feel free to share your opinions on enneagram and other sorts of stuff, too, infact, if you want to know more and you felt like this wasn't enough, simply ask me in your response down below and I will gladly share my experiences within an input.
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