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Trying to Reconnect with an ESFP Friend

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First of all, I am not sure what my friend's MBTI type is since I've never asked her and she's never really shown interest in Myers-Briggs, but I'm guessing that she uses Se as her primary function and ESFP sounds like the most accurate type for her.

I had always thought that my friend and I would be there for each other through thick and thin, but everything seemed to change after we graduated from college. We had always been there for each other before and I can't recall any incident where we'd got into a major fight.

We took a trip together with one of my other friends (who is an ISFJ like me) after graduation, and there was one morning where my ESFP friend and I took jabs at one another, but we cooled down and nothing came up again. Ever since that trip, which was in the end of May, I have not had a decent conversation with my friend. I thought that she was mad at me before because we got into a little fight in June, but it turns out that she wasn't mad at me. Since then, I've sent her two messages saying "hey we should chat on the phone sometime and catch up" but haven't heard any responses.

I've asked other people who are mutual friends of my ESFP friend and I if they know why she's been avoiding me. They said that they also haven't heard much from her either, which makes me wonder if she's putting the friends she had in college on the wayside. She's living back in her hometown now and I'm wondering if she's having any problems there.

I think that all of this is hitting me really hard because I live far away from most of my friends in college now and I only have one friend back at home that I can reach out to. I have no idea how to make friends outside of a school setting and the prospect is pretty intimidating to me, so I'm still attached to my college friends.

I am wondering why if you, as ESFPs, would have any idea why one of my best friends is unwilling to catch up with me. If you have any advice on what I should do, that would be wonderful too!
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Well, the default answer for SPs is "because I felt like it." But it's tough to say without any more insight into the situation whether it's anything more than that.
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