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Hey guys, thanks for making this questionnaire @Turi , I enjoy a lot this approach, I'll give it a shot

Section 1.

Pick any picture you like - tell us about it. Below are two websites to help find one - feel free to choose anything you want, though.
Random Image Prompts

Reflection Water Architecture Symmetry Wood

That's it, I love this photgraphs that put in contrast the reflection on the water with what we see with our own two eyes, I love this gimmicks of perception vs reality; also, water is the element I feel most attracted too, it gives me harmony vibes, but sometimes it's shaken by the tides, rsembling the struglles we have to face.
Also, I think this photo is somewhere in England, a country that I'd love to visit as soon as possible.

Pick a word, any word - brainstorm - whether it's just words that spring to mind, or ideas, or memories, whatever - just brainstorm for a while. No restrictions. Below is a link for a random word, if it helps.

"Story" , well, my favorite quote is "Not every story has its name, but every name contains its story", a story, both fictional or realistic, could really tell a lot about someone's pov, someone's idea, or just about the past that every simple thing has; It's a pretty simple concept, but an undervalued one, since the past is what made us reach the point in which we are now, and what is now, soon, would be "before", keeping the flow of time roll on and on...
And what a better way to tell it in a storylike format? After all, stories are what kept our child imagination develop and go on, why shouldn this concept not be transmitted in the adulthood?

Write a short story - feel free to freestyle, or use the picture you chose as inspiration, or the results from your brainstorm, or all of the above, doesn't matter. Just write a short story. Below is a link for writing prompt ideas.

I'm afraid I don't have any inspiration now to make me write a story
I fear I need to skip this question.

Section 2.

Describe your verbal communication skills, your written communication skills, and your body language.
Feel free to go in-depth. If possible, detail your natural communication and body language preferences in various circumstances - with friends, with strangers, at work, in one-on-one situations, in group situations, personal, impersonal, that kind of thing. If anything irritates you about how others communicate, talk about that too.
The more information, the better.

People say I'm very eloquent and have a tendency to make my way out of situations with words, so I think I have a preference for oral communication rather than written (even if I like writing too, since it gives me more time to elaborate my argument), and have a tendency to start from a single idea and expand it while talking about it, connecting all the dots in real time; about my body language, well, I have a tendency to throw soft smiles at people to put them at ease, but burst out in laugh when something really triggers my humour; my gestures are kinda uncoordinated and put the "accent" on the things I' talking about, but kinda clumsy; I have a tendency to keep my back in a straight position and I tend to suppress my emotions, since I don't like to expose myself, I'd rather expose my ideas and beliefs in an objective way.
With strangers I keep a formal attitude, but let it go as soon as they demonstrate some kind of complicity with me, or exchanging humourous sentences; on one on one I ask a lot of questions, but prefer monologuing when people ask the same questions to me and sometimes I have a tendency to interrupt people who talk too much or just deviate from what I originally asked; in group I try to talk with every one, especially when expressing stupid ideas, I like when everyone participates, but maybe I prefer extensive one on one conv when I want to know someone specific in that group; with friends I'm kinda blunt and outspoken, not offending or insulting them, but express my sentences in a direct way, without paraphrasing or let the meaning of them stay hidden behind the surface; I'm mostly impersonal, I look for complicity and common ground to include people or put them at ease, but I try to keep objectivity when I express opinions and dislike too much subjectivity on single ideas, everyone has different opinions, but too much subjectivity is far from precision or coherence.

How do you prefer to make decisions, solve problems and/or puzzles?
Run us through your entire process - use specific examples, if possible - some ideas for your answer -
what questions do you ask yourself, if any? What goes through your mind? What do you take into account? What could alter your decisions? Are you comfortable with making a decision and settling on it? Do you like being able to change your decisions, after you've made them?

First of all I think about all the knowledge I held regarding that issues, looking especially for facts or evidence that point to another interpretation, leaving no stones unturned.
I held in deep consideration my experience about the same recurring issues, so use it too to improve the outcome.
I try to look at all possible perspectives and scenarios( IE while I was counseling a friend of mine, regarding a boy she lliked, I ended up giving her 4-5 different possibile hypothethical explanations for his behaviours, helping her to find the path of action she was looking for, even if she already made a decision and I concurred with her, but I wanted her to look at different possibilities)
I then try to apply my knowledge in a practical and concrete way, nacking it up with evidence and facts.

Detail some things that piss you off - stress triggers - feel free to explain the reasons why these things irritate you - I don't want to hear about mild irritations - I want to hear about things that simply make your blood boil, or make you want to take action to alter the situation - things that make you want to leave an environment, things that make you dislike someone, things that truly get to you as a person and grate on every fiber of your being.

Incompetence, Disorganized management and trampling people, I can't stand all of these traits because I see them as a great form of disrespect and carelessness about thing that really matters.
I really can't stand also people who live to take advantage of others and backstabbers, every relationship form should be a 2 way exchange to improve the growth of both of the parts, people who want it a 1 way or just want to take advantage of others that conceded them trust are terrible.

Detail a time (or times) in your life when you felt at your absolute best - when you didn't feel any kind of anxiety, when you didn't feel judged, when you felt appreciated for who you are, when you felt at your most creative, when you felt like "you".. you get the gist. You at your best, tell us about it.

At my ex workplace, It was my first experience and I was pretty amazed on how I managed to follow through and impress both clients and colleagues with my capabilities.
I didn't feel creative at all because i hated that job, but it helped a lot with my self-esteem and indecision issues

What are the strongest parts of your personality? The best traits about yourself.

I'm quite adaptable and easygoing. I think I have strong impressions on people that help me size them up almost immediately (usually on spot IRL) and I think I have a good, concrete logic, and I like to base it on facts and evidence.
I'm also open-minded AF, while keeping objective.

What is one specific trait that you value in others, yet simply do not possess yourself - though, if you were to work on it, it would really balance out your personality?

I have a hard time expressing feelings and let them go wild, finding them and analyzing them to make out a good solution for those issues.
I also would like to be more go-getter and insitinctive, less overthinker

What are the differences between how others see you, and how you see yourself?
Feel free to elaborate and explain the reasoning.

People say I'm quite enthusiastic and excitable, transmitting my enthusiasm to others (some say I could be a good seller/negotiator) while I make people feel at ease with me; I think I have some traits of this, but mostly because I'm not very judgmental and like to share my idea, since I prefer to keep what I feel to myself and don't like to expose myself more than necessary to create common ground, until I started to trust the other.

Section 3.

What is a perfect day to you?

A day in which I can relax avoiding duties and responsibility and dedicate myself to my hobbies, without thinking at the chores and things I need to do

What is a perfect night to you?
Movie or tv series night, alone or with a friend or two/SO, that help me to unwind and release the stress of the day

What is your idea of a perfect world?

An egalitarian world in which power, wealth and health are not so unbalanced, that gives to anyone the possibility to affirm themselves.
Something like ancient democratic Greece, but with a better political/economical system

What is your idea of hell on earth?

Living under a dictator/ tyrant that cut people off from what they want to do, censoring every opinon and the free speech- free will that want to start war and endanger everyone (N. Korea?)

Section 4.

Are you, most of the time, acutely aware of the people, things and events occurring in your immediate surroundings?

Not very much, I prefer to keep in my head following my train of thoughts, but I can notice really A LOT of details when I switch the attention to my surroundings

Do you find yourself engaging in the sounds, colours, textures, scents and tastes of your environment - i.e, enjoying what you are currently experiencing, most of the time?

An interesting conversation partner, or just alone, in a beautiful suggestive place with brilliant food, to help me maintain an harmonious and peaceful attitude is what I long too, so, yeah, I defintely love to experience the pleasures coming from my five senses

Do you seek common ground, when faced with new situations - thoughts like "this is like _____" or "this is similar to _____" - something that will stabilise the current situation and turn it into something more comfortable for you?

Yes, is something I tend to do, I don't like very much pushing and stressing situations, or when faced with some I'd try to look for common ground, it damages my performance

Do you find you have a strong sense for how things 'should be', even when faced with something unfamiliar?

Not very much, I could have some ideas for improving things that are not working, but I won't say they are law

Do you actively engage in promoting a harmonious atmosphere - be honest with yourself, this includes being a conflict-averse introvert.

Yes, I stand my ground when my ideas or I are threathened in conflcits, but I definitely look for harmony with everyone, since I don't, neither I'm very capable, to push people around (so far IME at least)

Do you actively seek to connect with other people, and do you make use of social niceties in order to interact with people more smoothly - to make them feel validated, accepted, comfortable? - this includes regular use of "please", "thank you", etc.. general social niceties.

Yes, a lot, sometimes I've been told that I exaggerate this behaviour :O

Do you find yourself not being dependent on agreement and harmony around you, as long as the current situation doesn't impact on your own personal inner balance?
An example of this might be if you are doing something, and people are arguing in the same room - are you able to remain yourself, or will it affect your inner balance in a noticeable way?

I try to always keep my internal balance most of the time, I kinda have a "who cares" and "let it go" atttitude, but I sometimes end up (with my relatives, with strangers hardly) trying to help people find common ground and keep their coolness.... So UI'd say 50-50 :D

Do you try to win others over to your point of view, in debates, arguments or just chit-chat in general?
I.e seeking agreement from the other person. Have a real think about this question, and be honest with yourself.

Yes definitely, I appreciate when they give me affirmation and compliments me, but I mostly do it for my personal "truth" 's sake, since I'd like people to not be very biased and not objective

You just read that a local vacuum company just went bankrupt.
What your thoughts - feel free to expand and explore your thoughts and ideas as much as you like here. Please don't say "who cares?". Just do it.

Well, I start to imagine what could have go wrong: Tax evasion? Infraction of some sorts? CEO mistake? Terrible marketing? I try to hypothize the reasons why and the scenarios in things like this, more as a mental gymnastic than other motives, but, if it happened to someone I knew personally I'd like to learn everyhting about the incident and try to help him/her

Do you comfortably juggle multiple possible options in your mind, when problem solving? Do you find yourself exploring each of them - entertaining any possibilities that may arise from them, and enjoy envisioning scenarios where these might play out?

Yes definitely, especially imagining scenarios and switching between different perspectives on things!

Do you have a tendency to organise the world around you? Is it important for you to be in an orderly environment?
This might manifest as a preference for predictability - consider these questions on a smaller scale than what might be in your mind - i.e. is it important that the knifes go in the knifes slot, that the Nintendo games go where the Nintendo games go, etc..

On some things I could be pretty OCD, but normally I'm chaotic AF, foergetting where I pyut things in the house

Do you find you are impatient with regards to efficiency?
Again, consider this also at a smaller scale - for example, do you prefer to rush through whatever chores that need to be done, so they're out the way?

It depends on the cores and the situation, yes and no, but with a preference for the negative answer

Do you find yourself taking over certain tasks because you know you can do it quicker?
This might be as mundane as telling your partner or friend, that you'll do the dishes - because you know they'll take forever and it's just 'better' for you to do it, and smash 'em out ASAP so they're done.

Yes a lot, I prefer to tackle issues, especially in which I'm more used to, to optimize the time taken on it and make sure they're done in a way I find good, taking all the responsibility that comes from doing so

Is it important for you to define things in your head?
This might manifest as googling words you've unfamiliar with so you actually know for sure what you're reading, or it might manifest as a preference to completely understand something to the point you can explain it to others in a simplified manner - born out of the precise definitions you've crafted in your mind.

Yup, I want things to be as clear as possible in my head to make sure I understand them to the best possible extent

Is it of high importance to you, to understand all of the pieces of a puzzle.. or all of the information you're given, before coming to a decision or a conclusion about anything?
This might manifest as a tendency to hesitate when coming to conclusions or decisions as you don't feel you fully defined, or understood, all relevant information yet.

Ohhhh yes... I'm indecisive AF for this reason, and I end up self-doubting myself and my choices most of the times, since in the future I can end up thinking back on that mistake

Section 5.

Choose 5 images that strike you as meaningful in some way, from wherever you like, and post them up.
This is for visual typists to go to town on.

Thanks a lot guys for everything, sorry for the gigantic post, take care
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