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Hey Gen Z'ers ! I've been very nostalgic as of late seeing technology change our world and lives on a daily basis. As it changes so do our daily doses of what we absorb from screens.

I used to love absorbing Judge Judy with my mother on a daily basis when I was younger, I always saw Judy as a very strong and hilarious figure in my life even though it was a show it taught me a lot about justice and strange people that do silly things. :laughing:

The biggest scare of my young life was Friday the 13th, I somehow snuck out into the lounge while it was playing on tv "I was supposed to be sleeping" and saw the ending of the teen getting pulled under the lake by the zombie looking dead child jason, it haunted me for years and years ! It was only last year I watched Friday the 13th the very same one I had seen when I was a kid and realised no it was NOT scary AND that it was the movie I had seen so many years ago. :shocked:

I also loved the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The powerpuff girls and all the old Cartoon Network shows they were sooooo good !

Going back and watching all these things now it's not the same obviously, my mind has grown and I don't see things as I did when I was a kid, it's not magic and wonder anymore but it's a new experience all again, understanding the adult humor and hidden meanings, easter eggs and all the things that made those shows/movies actually very adult and not so catered to children as we might have thought.:shocked:

Ok rant over, whats everyones nostalgic shows/movies, got any stories to share ? Can't wait to read them ! :tongue:

Lets revel in the past together ! :exterminate:
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I'm soo nostalgic about Disney Channel. Oh my god I did love it! I remember wishing I were in Malibu and waking up near the sea like Hanna Montana or wishing I were a werewolf's girlfriend like Alex from Wizard of waverly. Oh and how could I forget my first crushes go from Zack and Cody to jonas Brothers.
These were the shows of my core childhood but there are some show of my early childhood that I'm still glad I've watched them like Little Einstein, now there's Peppa pig, come on!
But most of the TV Series that I used to whatch were the ones with my mom. We used to what's Dawson's Creek, The O.c and especially Gilmore Girls.when last year was released the return of Gilmore Girls I were just like in ecstasy and I became to be very nostalgic about 2000's.
I'm happy that I found this forum to share my thoughts with somebody like me
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