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Twin flame

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Just discovered this exists online: Soulmate vs Twin flame

tldr: we meet several soulmates and 1 twin flame

I think this thing happened to me, it matches even this uplifting humanity stuff, his last scientific project is called “Human-centered AI” and how to help humankind. It influenced me to become more altruistic (and the other way I think I was the inspiration for this project).

I constantly feel like I am missing twin lately and don’t know how to explain it.

I think there is truth in this:

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I can appreciate the soulmate idea as a story, a way to depict strong feelings. With the various versions it also gives clues to how people try to explain their different relationships and connections, such as the range from opposites attracts to cookie looks for mate (swedish expression, supposed to rhyme, meaning one looks for something similar to match). But I think many feel something of the kind at times, though perhaps not to the extent of twin flame, a kind of recognition - "oh, look, there's one of my people!"
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