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Twin flame

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Just discovered this exists online: Soulmate vs Twin flame

tldr: we meet several soulmates and 1 twin flame

I think this thing happened to me, it matches even this uplifting humanity stuff, his last scientific project is called “Human-centered AI” and how to help humankind. It influenced me to become more altruistic (and the other way I think I was the inspiration for this project).

I constantly feel like I am missing twin lately and don’t know how to explain it.

I think there is truth in this:

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I can't speak to the soul stuff, but I ended up seeking and being with somebody more like me than not. I still seek the same as friends. The way I psychically developed, I'm very self sufficient and also non-normative and I find that I don't so much need people to "balance" me, but need people to inhabit similar worlds with.
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There are two types of mysticism. 1) A state in which one can intuit truths not easily accessible when in normal consciousness 2) A method in which to project your desires as unquestionable truths and also manage to feel spiritually superior at the same time. I imaging the twin flames concept comes up more often in the latter.
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It seems like a projection of desires and an E-4 wet dream, but so is any claim of clairvoyance. I believe in #1.

Case in point: Wolf Messing
The guy inspires the heck out of me. Real selfless, clairvoyant INFJ.
Yep, e4 mystic myself, I also believe in #1. It's interesting when eschewing the rational and reasoned can reveal both gold and garbage.
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Where/when did you first hear about twin flames concept?
In a trance on a mountain top, before time itself.
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A lot of contradictions in just one sentence from a physics point of view. 😊
If this is by any chance at all a subtle joke, then I am amused.
According to the Big Bang model, time and space are dimensions that have an origin, so it’s not possible to define time-related concepts “before” time. Mountains formed after several billions (around 8 billions) of years starting from this same origin.
Look, I was riding the edge of snarkiness there, and honestly amusing myself.

You asked me when and where I heard about twin flames, perhaps challenging me as to my, somewhat self-aggrandizing, claim to being a mystic. If that is true I personally thought the implied assertion was funny, that in order to be a mystic, you must have a deep and studied intellectual knowledge of mysticism. That is actually contra to practicing mysticism, which is experiencing everything as is and transcending the shackles of ego and intellectualism among others. The exemplary concept is that everything of import, you actually already know, you just forgot that you know, reference Gnosis.

I was wondering to myself what would be the most mystical way of knowing Twin Flames and the mountain statement was what I came up with in a hot take. It'd be mystical metaphor for returning to the one outside of time and space and discovering my knowledge.
It’s the modern era of internet times, ordinary people write their experiences and billions of others read it. Before this wasn’t possible, so even if these kind of stories and experiences were true (or not true), nobody could share it. Sometimes you only need 1 personal experience, not professional education. Although I am obviously more on the side of educational system and well documented/researched facts.
The irony here is that there is much pre-internet discussion concerning true knowledge, and if it is at all sharable via language or related experience, no. In fact there's a whole art form dedicated to illustrating and bridging that divide, Zen koans.
Ok, but why is this related to twin flames? It’s not mysticism if it’s empirical.
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