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Twin flame

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Just discovered this exists online: Soulmate vs Twin flame

tldr: we meet several soulmates and 1 twin flame

I think this thing happened to me, it matches even this uplifting humanity stuff, his last scientific project is called “Human-centered AI” and how to help humankind. It influenced me to become more altruistic (and the other way I think I was the inspiration for this project).

I constantly feel like I am missing twin lately and don’t know how to explain it.

I think there is truth in this:

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I have a lot of mystical beliefs, but I don’t believe in this. All is interconnected, thus everyone is my soulmate, & it’s a moot term. The idea that a twin flame is my soul in another body is almost comical. There is nothing of me that exists outside of me, no matter what context or belief system I view it from.
You don’t even need mysticism to explain it, although spiritually it’s about souls (if you believe).

You can also call soul = consciousness.

Non-mystical view: It’s similar to energy conservation, energy is constant in the universe. Our consciousness as a form of energy can also be preserved. After we die the conscious part doesn’t die, it stays “somewhere”. Where? It has to be another conscious being.

Collective intelligence is something we already have/share as a society. Example: how many times we mention Jung or Mozart? Is it decaying? It’s in our collective memory. When we stop mentioning them the collective memory decays, and we will forget, as a collective.

When one of us dies, we experience a part of his/her consciousness merging with ours, to preserve memory about this person. (We think differently about others who are alive, because we can always go and ask that person something, this changes after death.)

In a way, we already never let each other die completely, because we think about each other. The difference is that spiritual theories create places out of this “world/universe” where our souls live.

The universe is already expanding just like our consciousness always has to evolve. After death we join collective or universal consciousness (i.e. you live outside of your body).
Personally, I would separate the ideas of a soul & consciousness. A soul is more synonymous with being, or a persons essence, beyond the physical. The holistic "I". It's supposed to be unique to you. Whereas consciousness, as you yourself demonstrate, can be explained without resorting to mysticism or spirituality.

Considering my idea of the soul, I don't require someone to be my soul to love them more than words can express. Actually, the idea that I'd love them so much because they are actually my soul in another body, to me, sounds ultra-narcissistic. My idea of true love is loving someone in spite of differences. Or to put it in soul terms, I want their soul to compliment my soul, not be the exact same thing.

I'm cooking rn, I'll get back to this.
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For me these terms are the same, I like the concept of collective consciousness. Soul is more like a religious/spiritual term.

Mirror souls are not about love/romance, but probably pop culture & social media are already distorting this concept into a new “must have” trend. Hopefully not, I can see it happening like with everything that has at least some substance.
I figure I'm more concerned about the meaning of words. Soul, sole, solitary. Meaning one thing. Or the Sun; Sol. That's why I have an issue with the idea of a soul inhabiting two (or more) bodies. It means a singular thing. Though I definitely relate to the idea of getting along with someone, to the point that it seems you've known them longer than you have. A twin flame would be a soulmate you really, really like, with a passion.
Imagine if reincarnation was real, I could just jump off a cliff over and over until I reincarnate into some super rich family like son of a king or something LOL
Is your sig a pic of you by a cliff edge? Don’t do it man! You have much to live for in this life!
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Mythological roots say that soul inhabited 2 bodies (post #5). Like I said, mirror soul concept is not about romantic love. Soul mates are also family and friends, not necessarily romantic partners. Romantic love is a cultural concept that developed much later.
I sourced Plato’s actual writing -

“Love is born into every human being; it calls back the halves of our original nature together; it tries to make one out of two and heal the wound of human nature.” – Plato, Symposium.

I believe I understand what Plato is saying here: make one out of two. It’s a similar idea to the Christian “two become one flesh”. Or as The Spice Girls put it “when two become one”. None of these ideas are about splitting of souls into two, or a soul inhabiting multiple bodies. That’s a modern, new-age interpretation, as far as I can tell. 🤓
Plato explicitly explains the myth through Aristophanes' intervention.
This? -

“These are the people who finish out their lives together and still cannot say what it is they want from one another. No one would think it is the intimacy of sex—that mere sex is the reason each lover takes so great and deep a joy in being with the other. It’s obvious that the soul of every lover longs for something else; his soul cannot say what it is, but like an oracle it has a sense of what it wants, and like an oracle it hides behind a riddle. Suppose two lovers are lying together and Hephaestus stands over them with his mending tools, asking, ‘What is it you human beings really want from each other?’ And suppose they’re perplexed, and he asks them again, ‘Is this your heart’s desire, then—for the two of you to become parts of the same whole, as near as can be, and never to separate, day or night? Because if that’s your desire, I’d like to weld you together and join you into something that is naturally whole, so that the two of you are made into one. Then the two of you would share one life, as long as you lived, because you would be one being, and by the same token, when you died, you would be one and not two in Hades, having died a single death. Look at your love, and see if this is what you desire: Wouldn’t this be all the good fortune you could want?’

“Surely you can see that no one who received such an offer would turn it down; no one would find anything else that he wanted. Instead, everyone would think he’d found out at last what he had always wanted: to come together and melt together with the one he loves, so that one person emerged from two. Why should this be so? It’s because, as I said, we used to be complete wholes in our original nature, and now ‘love’ is the name for our pursuit of wholeness, for our desire to be complete.”

Here's my take - In this context, it's like a philosophical thought experiment. The implication is there that we are separate souls, that Hephaestus wishes to make 'one out of two', or 'whole' by merging together. The last line is key; "and now 'love' is the name for our pursuit of wholeness". It confirms we aren't merged souls. Else, we wouldn't need to engage in the pursuit of love. We'd already be 'whole'.
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Well, I see no contradiction. You didn't feel merged, until you're merged. You may be merged and oblivious until in the presence of a twin ....which makes love either a happy accident or a search and rescue mission...

It's in the same spirit as "he who doesn't believe in Santa gets underware for Christmas"

Or as one ENTP 8-year old answered to the "do you believe in God?" question: " if God doesn't exist, he wouldn't care, but if he does, you better believe in him."

I am a "twin flame" agnostic. :)
Sure, but in my worldview, everything is already one. There's no need to merge. Conforming to others illusion of being separate entities, simply makes existence more fun. I find the idea of falling in love with myself to be a little weird, even if it is true metaphysically. :ROFLMAO:
Sure, that's pantheism. I can totally get behind that.
Close to pantheism, but not quite. It’s complicated. I don’t rule out the possibility of anthropomorphic Gods or divine humans. In that humans can access a channel of communication with the divine and hence be one. I believe that in every part of existence contains the whole, just as the whole contains every part, as some sort of cascading fractal dimensionality. It’s hard to put into words, but that’s the only way I see all as one.
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Maybe it is, but our levels of consciousness are not permitting us to feel connected to everyone or everything. I only feel it for some individuals (and animals), in different ways to connect.
Sorry, I missed this. In my case, I don't feel connected to everything or everyone. I see that it's all one data stream, in the form of interconnected patterns. It started happening for me a few years ago, together with perpetual synchronicities. All I need to do is look around me and I see it, all the time.😔
It’s about interconnectedness but also well-being and feelings of belonging.
I definitely utilise nature as a form of medicine. Never knew there was a name for it. :D
I do find it interesting how the feeling types have explicitly used the word feel in relation to interconnectedness. The only time I’ve experienced such as a feeling are psychedelic experiences. It certainly confirms, to me at least, I’m not an F type.

My reasoning for such a belief, or I’d more accurately say knowing, are logical patterns. My Ni perpetually sees interconnectedness via the fundamental data of the universe; rhythm. Vibration being the building block of everything that is, was or shall be.

Other Ni doms don’t claim to recognise such, so it obviously isn’t a common utilisation of the function. I must have “tuned” myself to recognise it over time, to the point I can’t unsee it. And yes it is overwhelming at first, but like with anything, you eventually accept it as normal, the way things are.
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