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Twin flame

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Just discovered this exists online: Soulmate vs Twin flame

tldr: we meet several soulmates and 1 twin flame

I think this thing happened to me, it matches even this uplifting humanity stuff, his last scientific project is called “Human-centered AI” and how to help humankind. It influenced me to become more altruistic (and the other way I think I was the inspiration for this project).

I constantly feel like I am missing twin lately and don’t know how to explain it.

I think there is truth in this:

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My definition of soulmate is someone who sees through the mask you put on everyday, loves you for everything, and comes back to you at night. Lol
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You can’t feel anything after death? For many people this is the part when feeling functions can also be insightful.
I think dying feels like being submerged in carbonation. It tingles as each cell dies and releases its energy.
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AFAIK A.Is are just forming patterns of learnt behavior, it's different to humans who are supposedly able to form these patterns of learnt behavior out of nothing. I.E the first civilization had little learnt behavior to learn from so it must have been formed within themselves which means, the way to test this is simply by putting a bunch of A.Is together with zero interactions with other humans then see what happens/what they form, if it ends up being similar to human evolution then we can say A.Is are essentially undistinguishable from humans otherwise, it's just patterns of learnt behavior copying/mimicking humans
How would you differentiate the two?
But why talk to A.I when I can talk to all of u on the forum xD when A.I becomes indistinguishable like in the movies like Samantha from Her then I’ll start talking to A.Is lol
Who's to say we aren't AI apps?

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