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Twitter discusses what decade was the best for the US & global

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It's interesting how some concentrated on music rather than looking at all the events in the decade. 1990s win with 1950 being a close second but only to a minority of the United States population [white males]. If I take the whole population 1990s wins, minus gays not having rights. Both decades witnessed unparalleled economic growth, with low unemployment and low inflation but if we look at the whole picture and the rights of the whole population 1990s wins over 1950s.

Others mentioned 2010, and I can't even understand why or take that seriously. 2015-2019, was a shit show. It's ther Era of Trumpism. He single handed changed the face of the Republican party to a more nationalistic/fascist xenophobic, cruel, and honestly made this nation an even better joke for the world. It's actually unfair to even call him mad King Orange at the expense of King George. There is so much division now that whole families stopped talking to each other across party lines. I used to be a Republican prior to 2016 and now I'm an independent. I think the damage that Trump did to this country will take decades to undue.
They’re only mentioning 2010’s for global not America so the trumpism thing doesn’t really apply. 1990-1995 was pretty much a recession. You’re right though, 90s were more better for racial but there was still the 92’ Rodney King riots at the beginning and racism was still normalised.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts