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'Twixt morn & even, a twinning of lattes...
'Twixt morn & even, a twinning of lattes sufficed my appetite to assuage:
One of honey-lavender and another of almond beflavored;
After an hour's-plus commute, my glutt'nous appetite was inflamed.
Then supped I for reals, upon sweets and dumplings, which I savored.
Pouffe of dough with chocolate filling! Creme croissant with strawberries!
Hot dog wrapped in pastry bun. Such yummy, yummy delicacies!
Then: Pork gyozas. Shrimp tempura seaweed salad sushi for an entrée.
After that, another mocha! And a cupcake. Live 4 2day! :yeah:
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