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As the title says:

Choose and post two songs that'd best describe your psychological duality
(no, not three or four, or even more, but two)​
It's optional to explain and clarify why those describe it in the best way.

By psychological duality, i mean on the duality of your mind:

1) Emotional output, exterior of your actions in front of other people

Could be considered as those Fe moments

- Moments of desire to connect with other people
- Responding to other's needs
- Trying to seem as least problematic as possible, blending in
- Harmonizing aspect of yours

Possibly...Just you finding your methods to go through every day life with as minor problems with other people as possible, while avoiding confrontations and maintaining harmony.​

2) Interior as the result of your actions in front of other people

Could be considered as emotional outcomes, emotional expression of Ti moments (contemplating).​

Emotional outcomes after all the time spent on contemplating, analyzing about everything that's happened and finding logical inconsequence.
Basically, those moments when the beast, within us, awakes.

I'll start first, to give you an example:

1) Bossa Nova - Syzygys
4:55 - 8:43

- Shy vibe, high respect toward people and awareness of behaviour (hence why I chose Japanese artists)
- Adaptable to any type of situation, except any type of abuse.
- Love to have fun, that Fe - Se loop, hehe (the rhythm of the song, bells that you can hear every throughout the song)

Oh man, this following one...

2) Irresponsible Hate Anthem - Marilyn Manson

I am totalitarian, I've got abortions in my eyes
I hate the hater, I'd rape the raper
I am the animal who will not be himself

F*** it!


Everybody's someone else's ******
I know you are so am I
I wasn't born with enough middle fingers
I don't need to choose a side


Hope you've understood it all. Have fun. ^^


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OK, this thread seems interesting and different, I like it.

This is me caring and well, up and running, all systems green:

- feeling positive;
- feeling talkative and understanding;
- feeling strong.

This is me broken, pissed off and f**k the world mode:

- feeling hate of the norms and "dumb sheep";
- feeling misunderstood and abandoned, hopeless, going down in flames and taking the maleficent with me as I fall;
- feeling hate about ignorant people, screw the world, it's all about me now.

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This song could probably go under both categories, but this song best fits me because it's about her and her best friend, and I don't have many friends, so there you go. "people will talk, but you're my best friend, we're dancing in this world alone."

Then I get worried if I'm good enough, I lose myself... "still waiting for the rain to fall... can't hold onto anything this good enough." This one could probably go under both categories as well..

I hope these fit, it's hard using only two songs

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It was a tough choice but I ended up choosing two songs. I could spend a long time figuring this out. These were the first two I could think of that fits those type of songs you requested.

This is me in a good mood and my needs are filled. When things are going right. I'm happy with my friends:
- I am optimistic, I am feeling good
- I want to spread this joy to people around me
- Treating this time as a new start to make things good for me and everyone around me

"The most faithful of friends,
You don't need to think, you already know
You are right as you are."

How I deal with certain emotions, especially the heavy ones:
- I am pessimistic at first, but after some recharge I regain my optimism
- Need to be alone desperately
- Brooding mood
- Analyzing, interpreting my emotions and thoughts, rationalizing

"Behind the clouds is the sun still shining.
Thy fate is the fate of all.
Into life some rain must fall.
Some days must be dark.
Some days must be dark and dreary."

Hope I made some sense.

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Wanting to belong/connect, but also like being lonely in a crowd.

On the floor of Tokyo

Or down in London town to go, go
With the record selection
And the mirror's reflection
I'm dancing with myself

When there's no-one else in sight
In the crowded lonely night
Well I wait so long
For my love vibration
And I'm dancing with myself

Oh dancing with myself
Oh dancing with myself
Well there's nothing to lose
And there's nothing to prove
I'll be dancing with myself

If I looked all over the world
And there's every type of girl
But your empty eyes
Seem to pass me by
Leave me dancing with myself

So let's sink another drink
'Cause it'll give me time to think
If I had the chance
I'd ask the world to dance
And I'll be dancing with myself

Oh dancing with myself
Oh dancing with myself
If I had the chance
I'd ask the world to dance
If I had the chance
I'd ask the world to dance
If I had the chance
I'd ask the world to dance

The rectification of the state of things:


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This is hard. It has really made me wonder.

1) The best of me is probably "usual me" - and if I'd transform into a piece of music, I'd probably be this one:


I chose it because the melody is calm and unimposing. It doesn't disturb - quite the contrary, it's soothing. I also find it very patient - And... there's a certain loneliness in this track - at least this is the vibe that I get from this. Not a painful longing - more like being aware of not really fitting in, despite not interfering with anything. Just being aside, somewhere in the background. Whatever - you probably know what am trying to write.

Canone alla Quinta is like a blanket that I'd quietly put over you, when you're taking a nap on a rainy day.

2) The worst of me that I've ever experienced - breaking point; overthinking to the point of getting out of touch. Feels like becoming someone else. Even something else, something not really human, maybe even cruel - but at least powerful. It's really tempting, but in fact I don't want this - I mean, what a walking nightmare that would be.


I beat my machine it's a part of me it's inside of me
I'm stuck in this dream it's changing me I am becoming
the me that you know he had some second thoughts
he's covered with scabs and he is broken and sore
the me that you know doesn't come around much
that part of me isn't here anymore

all pain disappears it's the nature of my circuitry
drowns out all I hear there's no escape from this my new consciousness
the me that you know used to have feelings
but the blood has stopped pumping and he's left to decay
the me that you know is now made up of wires
and even when I'm right with you I'm so far away

I can try to get away but I’ve strapped myself in
I can try to scratch away the sound in my ears
I can see it killing away all my bad parts
I don't want to listen but it's all too clear

hiding backwards inside of me I feel so unafraid
Annie, hold a little tighter I might just slip away

it won't give up it wants me dead
goddamn this noise inside my head

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I must admit, all of you have nice music tastes. I like how delicate some songs are...

Honestly, it's very creepy and unusually nice to get such a feedback.


"Canone alla Quinta is like a blanket that I'd quietly put over you, when you're taking a nap on a rainy day."

That is, probably, one of the warmest , yet so well thought out sentences I've received as an answer recently.

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It took me a long time to find songs with just the right words, especially when I listen to nearly every genre and have a lot of


Within Temptation - Utopia

This isn't necessarily a happy song. But it's where my thoughts and feelings usually are, how I see the world. I want to hold everyone's hand, make them understand, make them be happy.


Utada Hikaru - Devil Inside

"Everybody wants me to be their angel. They don't know I burn."

These lyrics are perfect. Everyone always expects the best behavior from me, but on the inside I could be burning. I put the live performance because her expressions and her voice, just the entire performance is perfect. I feel she is possibly an INFJ as well, I am a big fan of her English and Japanese music.

Btw, I love the songs you guys have posted, some I've never heard and will definitely be listening to now!

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Nice thread. I like this.

My A grade, top mood, all systems are go music for when things are going well and I am content and completely at peace with the universe would be something along these lines. It is not overly joyous or anything but it is about acceptance, calmly accepting whatever is.

When things hit the skids and I feel low, I usually want to just need to get into that and really *feel* it and then I can process it and move on, so I listen to something depressing like this:


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@thompidoo The first song reminded me of some other song. Not the same genre, though. Hope it will motivate you, inspire you. I find it very powerful.

@maivilo Very original and interesting post, I must say. ;)

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I feel like this song is what an INFJ would be on Fe overdrive: loud with a high-pitched tune that is designed to genuinely make other people smile. Get on our good side, and we'll cross solar systems to grant you a ray of sunshine and give you a new way of seeing the world around you :happy:

And then...then there's when someone gets on an INFJ's bad side...

A quiet, melodious strum serves only as a deceptive prelude to a suddenly jarring change of music. It's loud, but not like when we're happy; it's this torrent of emotion that comes in bursts, but the impact can be overwhelming.
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I hope I got this right. These are off, they're the closest songs I can think that could fit a couple two scenarios, depending on how one takes the lyrics.

Basically this one could fit as I am the one alot of friends will go to with their troubles due to my kind understanding nature. I feel drawn to help people that are in need of help quite often.

This one could be the backlash of when my kindness is manipulated and taken advantage of, and when someone only wants to be friends when they need something and then on the rare occasion that I attempt to reach out to the specific "friend" for help in my struggles, they always turn their back on me. It kinda fits what I would be thinking.

"Counting on me
Always hoping I'll be,
there for all of your problems, in turn you're never there for me
You suck the life out of me
You hate everything you see
I can't take this anymore, I always stay when I should leave..."

I hope that's close enough
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