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No one appreciates the shit we put up with.
I give and you take and I gave and you take.
My worth comes from giving and it comes from you taking.
But why won't anyone put that extra effort for me?

Why do some people I give to disapprove of me?
I ignore my own needs to take care of your own.
I don't know what'd happen if I was alone.
The saddest day was when my children were full grown.

Because now they could care for themselves and don't need me.
But a part of their life I still strongly wish to be.
In spite of how I feel, I'll always remain warm.
Even when sometimes it feels my heart is being torn.

I know I must deceive others of my own hurt.
Or else I might lose them, for who'd want this ugly mess?
I must keep this image of peace and tranquility.
I must never reveal a sign of hostility.

I must never endanger my ability to be loved.
If I don't earn it, why do I deserve it?
I'll sacrifice my integrity if it means our mouths will fit.
My intentions will always be pure, even when they're not.

Some people think I'm fake because of how much love I share
But I promise it's sincere, I really do care
I can't help but feel this unconditional love for humanity
Every person deserves care, so I'm proud of my generosity.

I have one request, one request if at all.
If you assure that you love me, you'll break through my wall
You know how hard it is for me to say no.
If you use this for bad, then you're a massive ho.
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