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Type 6 - a poem

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What's it like to be a 6?
Why are you asking me that?
Are you trying to get inside my head?
How do I know if I can trust you?

Look, you people are all the same.
You talk to me for a while and then you disappear.
When I become loyal to someone, it's because they gained my trust.
To leave me at all would be very unjust.

I don't trust you yet.
I see too clearly all that can go wrong.
I'll tell you one secret though, I'm sure you already know.
Every person I meet will face a series of tests.

If you want to teach me something new, you'll have to show me proof.
I need people and ideas that will pass all my tests.
My tests are used to scan for hidden agendas.
Don't call me defensive, I just know our species is rotten
And we gotta protect ourselves one way or another.

Don't rush me.
If I am forced to do something, I will resent you for it.
Nothing is more grating than an untrustworthy authority.
And I will rebel in all my fears and insecurity.

If you force me to submit to rigid and unfair systems,
You will provoke the inner beast which dwells inside.
A man with this much built up tension can only take so much
Before he makes the world aware of it by spectacular force.

You might call me a pussy, but you don't know me.
You don't know my capability for rebellion.
For I always have the ultimate guide.
Empirical proofs and truth.
Come at me bro.
Come. At. Me.
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This is beautiful
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I like to believe the best of people, but I know there is a savage side, too. It is folly to blindly trust someone if you don't know them that well.
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